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Soulvibe is news, information, and spiritual enlightenment to support “the shift.” It’s the global awakening that is happening right now.

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Ah! The clarity, the sense of oneness with your soul! Enlightenment is lifting the veil covering your own true self. Beyond our beliefs, beyond our life experiences lies true light. Enlightenment is coming out of the Darkness of thoughts and beliefs and into the Light and Peace of the soul.


You can. It isn’t an “if” or a “maybe.” You’re capable as any star in the Universe… and you’re here to do amazing things. No one is better at being you than YOU. So, we at Soulvibe want to inspire your heart and soul on your way through the world.


Perhaps you already know your Sun Sign and call yourself a Scorpio or an Aquarius, but you don’t really understand how or why astrology works. Well, if you are seeking information on astrology basics, you’ve certainly come to the right place!


This is for the curious mind. This is all about the things we cannot always explain in our three dimensional world with our limited senses. These are the hints that there is something more out there for us to discover.