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Sometimes our new members have some questions about the sign-up process or technical issues. Here is a list of the most common questions we get and what you can do to resolve any problems you might be having!

Question: I still haven’t gotten my confirmation email. What can I do?

Answer: Our apologies for any delays in getting your confirmation! Unfortunately, signing up more than once will not make the process go more quickly. We know you’re excited to start, and want to make the process as seamless as possible. Here are a few reasons this can happen:

  1. A lot of people might be signing up at the same time, and the automated software sends out the emails in the order that they come in. Usually, the confirmation email is sent in only a few minutes, but if there is a delay due to volume or any other technical issue on our end, please email us and we can check to make sure the sign up went through properly.
  2. Some popular email servers automatically send automated emails to Spam, Junk, or Promotions. Gmail, specifically, has a Promotions folder. If that is set up in your app or your desktop, your email could have been re-routed to that folder. Please be sure to check all of your folders for your confirmation, and mark it “not spam” if you find it there. Also, adding [email protected] to your whitelist or your contact list/address book can help it get routed to your inbox correctly.
  3. If you were previously subscribed and then requested to unsubscribe, and are now attempting to resubscribe with the same email address, you will not receive a confirmation email. Our system is set up to protect you from being signed up against your will. Therefore, all unsubscribe requests are final. You can contact us at [email protected] with an alternative email address if you have one, and we can add you to the list that way.

Please note: Soulvibe alerts are sent out for your Horoscope at around 7am ET/4am PT for the day. Your evening Fortune Cookie alert is sent around 7pm ET/4pm PT. If you do not get your confirmation, but do get your horoscope or Fortune Cookie alert, clicking on your sign or your Fortune Cookie will serve as an alternate confirmation. If neither arrive, please email us and we will be glad to look into it for you.

Question: I got my email and clicked on my sign, but I cannot see my horoscope! Can you help?

Answer: In most cases, this happens only to people using ad blocking extensions or apps. Your horoscope is updated each night, and we use a publishing process called a feed. Some ad blockers also block feeds and this can make it unable for you to see your horoscope. Please add to your ad blocker’s whitelist, and that should solve the problem. If you aren’t using an ad blocker and you cannot see your horoscope, please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing and an explanation of the problem to [email protected] and we will be glad to provide you with technical support.

Question: Why are there so many ads?

Answer: Your Soulvibe Horoscope, Today’s Soul Advice, Fortune Cookie, Daily Soul Quotes, 12 Soul Realizations, email alerts, and all public inspirational articles are free forever. We are ad and sponsor supported to keep it that way for you, so that anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can benefit from Soulvibe for free. Soulvibe follows Google’s best practices for what percentage of a page can be advertisements and we are very careful to not allow anything malicious to appear on the site. We would love to get rid of them, but we don’t want to have to charge membership fees for those services.

Question: How do I unsubscribe?

Answer: Of course we hope that you won’t want to, but we still make it easy for you to do. We don’t want anyone to get email that they do not wish to receive. At the bottom of every alert, below the list of signs, there is an “Unsubscribe” link. One click will take you to a page where you can remove yourself from your alerts immediately. Please note: Unsubscribing from your horoscope is permanent. If you change your mind, you will need to use a different email address if you wish to resubscribe.

Question: Does Soulvibe offer personal readings?

Answer: We do not offer personal or private readings at this time. We are currently referring requests for free readings to our sponsor Astrology Answers.

Question: Can I follow Soulvibe on Facebook?

Answer: Of course! Like and follow us on Facebook for fun memes, inspiration, articles, and more! We have a vibrant page with great stuff to share with your friends! You can also share or tweet articles right from our site. The social media buttons are at the bottom of each article.

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