Can Your Dreams Predict the Future?

Can Your Dreams Predict the Future
Can Your Dreams Predict the Future

Imagine having a dream one night in which you run across a person with distinctive features who you’ve never met before. Then a few days later you meet that person in real life. Does it sound spooky to you, or too far-fetched to be true? Believe it or not this has actually happened to people before. In fact, it is quite common. What do we actually know about dreams?

Dreams According to Science

We do know that there isn’t a cookbook-style manual written than can accurately interpret a dream. Your garden-variety dreams are created by our brains to help us deal with our emotions, express things we hold inside, and in turn helping temper our anxieties. There’s still a big mystery surrounding the nature of dreams, but they do seem to connect to our feelings and memories as many researchers theorize.

Yet, other studies have looked into the precognition and predictive nature of dreams. While there are mixed results, there are some instances where people have beaten the odds to show there could be more to this than meets the eye. Some studies have shown significant results that the precognition from dreams is likely a very real phenomenon. Is it physics? A connection to the multi-verse? Or metaphysics? More research may someday reveal the answers.

Ancient Dreams

Some of the more controversial ideas about dreaming have been discussed since people could dream. Many years ago, the Romans and the Greeks believed that dreams had prophetic abilities. Egyptians, as well as those of Christian faith believed that dreams were messages from God. So needless to say, dreams have almost always been seen in some cultures as something magical or divine.

Why does that apply to us now? There’s still so much that we don’t know about dreams, not to mention some events that are hard to explain away. Is it just coincidence, or are our dreams actually trying to tell us something? Maybe they’re really just another connection to our world or a larger universe — a universe where time and space are quite different than we perceive

Have you had a prophetic or precognitive dream? We’d love to hear about your experience.