Did You Know This About the Tarot?

Did You Know This About the Tarot
Did You Know This About the Tarot

Tarot is an age old mechanism of divination and insight not only into the future, but our own souls and selves. It communicates both with and through us, often allowing us to channel that which we most need and want to know. The kind of insight one can gain from Tarot is invaluable and unique that comes through a few different mystic systems.

Tarot And Symbolism

Tarot consists of a deck of cards that draw from the symbols of the subconscious, dreams, and other realms. It can allow us to focus our intent and ask the questions we want to ask using symbols that reflect a thousand years of human thought and experience. Some of these are a simple and universal as fire, while others use a more complex images. All tie into what is going on and naturally flowing at our deepest levels and represent the soul.

These symbols draw from all over the world, and consistency often depends on the deck that you’re using. One of the most commonly used decks in the western world is the Rider-Waite deck, which utilizes symbols from celtic, egyptian, and worldwide roots. This is combined with both numerology and astrology. Numerous systems of thought and methods of understanding divine and mundane underpin the deck.

Tarot And Communication

The messages of the Tarot can be as incisive as they are mysterious. While sometimes they cut right to the core with soul deep insight, at other times their advice and answers can seem misty and vague. It is important to look not only without, but within in order to understand the messages of the Tarot and all that it can offer us. When you lay out a Tarot spread you are not only communicating with the universe, but communicating with your own soul. This communication can be necessary for realization in you heart, mind, spirit, and life. Imagine what you could learn through the use of these universal symbols as a language!