Learning about Your Energy Centers: The Chakras

Learning about Your Energy Centers: The Chakras
Learning about Your Energy Centers: The Chakras

We are human beings. We all suffer from physical, mental, and emotional issues from time to time. Balancing the pressures of life is the greatest challenge we must face to achieve our personal happiness. When troubles abound, sometimes you have to look a little deeper to find the source of the problem—to the places where your chakras reside.

Chakras are points of energy in the human body.

These are centers that manipulate how the body functions, and according to many cultures they can have negative effects when blocked. Usually, a blocked chakra stems from a lack of mental, physical, or spiritual expression in some area of your life. You can raise your vibe and feel healthier by being more in control of your body’s energies. The seven major chakra points are:

The Root Chakra

This is the first chakra in the body. Located at the base of the spine and red in color, the root chakra deals with how we relate to the physical world. A blocked root chakra can cause you to feel as though you don’t belong, leading you to depression, anxiety, and other health issues. To open this chakra, physical activity can be beneficial, like dancing, sports, and even meditation. Yes—meditation is also a physical activity. It not only helps clear your head, but increases awareness of your body.

The Sacral Chakra

This chakra has an orange hue and governs your libido and creative spark. Passion and pleasure make up the sacral chakra. As the second chakra of the body, it is located in the lower abdomen. If you have a blockage in your sacral chakra, low self-esteem, over-sensitivity, and low drive are some common symptoms. To keep this chakra clear, stay in physical shape. Be spontaneous. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your own feelings and desires. They are the parts of yourself that make you unique. Keep them close.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is yellow, residing in the upper abdomen and dealing with confidence and self-respect. As the solar plexus chakra is heavily rooted in emotions, an imbalance can cause emotional extremes like anger, insecurity, and fear of the unknown. The physical symptoms can range from fatigue to muscle pain, diabetes, and others. Stressful events can trigger strings of unpleasant emotions and reactions. Visiting familiar people, places, and routines can be helpful to restore balance. Sunlight is also a great help for directing energy in a positive way.

The Heart Chakra

Clearing the fourth chakra takes a great amount of understanding and compassion. It is green in color and located in the center of the chest. Blockages are thought to make heart and immune system troubles more likely. Guilt, jealousy, anger, and resentment are emotions associated with a blockage of this chakra. In order to open its pathways, you need to learn forgiveness—not only for others, but for yourself as well. Only when you accept things as they are and let go of your misgivings can your heart chakra flow freely.

The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra has a blue shade and deals with communication. This chakra is located in the throat, our center for speaking. Communication requires both speaking and listening, so a person with an imbalance may speak too much or not enough. We are balanced when we speak the truth, and yet out of sorts when we lie. A blocked throat chakra might also increase the likelihood of voice, throat, and ear problems. However, speaking your thoughts clearly, honestly, and allowing others to do the same makes you a good communicator, which in turn makes for a healthier throat chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra

Located at the forehead’s center, the sixth chakra is indigo in color and deals with visualizing. This doesn’t apply only to what we see from a literal standpoint, but also seeing truth and concepts through intuition and wisdom. We use this chakra for our imagination and ability to make choices. Without it, we lack originality and live in ignorance. Eye problems, headaches, and even brain issues can be symptoms of a third eye blockage. To improve the health of your third eye, eat and exercise well and meditate. Write down dreams and important memories. Always keep your mind sharp.

The Crown Chakra

The seventh and final chakra is purple and located at the top of the head. By far, this is the chakra most connected to spirituality. It deals with inspiration and thought, as well as the belief of and devotion to the spiritual world or something greater than yourself. An imbalance in this chakra can cause migraines, depression, and a lack of drive. However, when you open yourself up to new ideas and allow yourself to feel like a part of something greater, your crown chakra will fill you with the energy you need for success.

All of these seven chakra points can work for you or against you. While they each represent a part of your physical and mental well-being, they cannot do their work alone. Just like your physical body, it is up to you to keep your chakras clear by making choices that urge that energy to flow. Productivity and acceptance will come along naturally if you keep your body strong and your mind open to possibilities.

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