How to Talk to Ghosts and Have Them Talk Back

How to Talk to Ghosts and Have Them Talk Back
How to Talk to Ghosts and Have Them Talk Back

Do you believe in ghosts? A lot of people would like to talk to their dead ancestors, or figure out if the ghost in their house means them harm. Some people like to tour places that are reported to be haunted for a chance to have a supernatural experience to to see a ghost in person. A neat invention called a spirit box can give the average person the ability to ask questions and hear responses if there is a ghost present. You may have seen it in use on TV or in videos online. So, what exactly is a spirit box and how does it work?

Spirit Box 101

At its core, a ghost box or spirit box is simply a device that is said to allow people to communicate with the dead. It uses radio frequencies to pick up sounds that humans usually can’t hear on their own and use voices and sounds on radio to make sentences. Spirits are said to manipulate energy in order to interact with us, hence cold spots and battery drainage when a ghost is nearby.

In this same vein, spirits supposedly manipulate white noise in order to communicate verbally with us, and a spirit box can capture this manipulation of sound so that we can hear it. If you watch any paranormal investigator shows on TV or go on a ghost tour, you might see people using a spirit box to hear electronic voice phenomena, also called EVPs.

Spirit Boxes in Action

Here’s a video to check out a spirit box being used, and you can draw your own conclusions based on what you hear.

While it’s hard to say if spirit boxes truly capture the voices of spirits or are simply picking up meaningless radio frequency fragments, they are definitely interesting devices to play with. EVP sessions tend to require a bit of interpretation, but there are some instances of communication that seem so clear and real that they are hard not to believe. All in all, it’s really cool (and maybe a little scary) that we could potentially have the power to potentially communicate with ghosts using spirit boxes.

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