Does the Universe Have a Consciousness?

Does the Universe Have a Consciousness?
Does the Universe Have a Consciousness?

The universe is conscious. There’s already staggering evidence that human consciousness is greater than what can be explained by brain activity. The theory of quantum entanglement suggests that particles of matter can communicate across vast distances. So why not? What if we’re all part of one great big consciousness we call the universe?

The Willful Stars

Veteran physicist Gregory Matloff has said this theory could be possible in terms of a “proto-consciousness field” existing across space. He and other philosophers and scientists have speculated the idea of a conscious universe in which all matter has some form of self-awareness.

In 2006, a German physicist named Bernard Haish made a proposal that quantum fields, which go through empty space, could relay consciousness. Matloff has also done studies to show that stars could willingly choose their direction. While he was at it, he also discovered that colder stars tend to move more quickly than hotter ones, which could be explained by the fact that molecules can exist in a cooler atmosphere. What do you think those stars are thinking?


The Search Continues

Imagine the potential to explain astrology, the multiverse, how we’re all connected, and unanswered questions in physics. The idea that panpsychism is becoming something that science can prove is exciting and may help human potential explode in ways we’ve never dreamed.

Matloff and other scientists plan on continuing with more experiments to find out if panpsychism, the idea that everything has a consciousness, is true.  If so, it could mean that we’re all more connected in this universe than any of us knew before. Of course, this doesn’t make your individual consciousness any less unique or special. Actually, it may make the world you live in an even more fascinating and mysterious place — and that’s the most exciting part.