Can You Heal Body And Mind With Solfeggio Frequencies?

You’ve probably experienced the healing benefits of music in your life in songs that lift you up and just make you feel better. But what if I told you that science has uncovered sounds that may actually heal the body and mind? They’re known as Solfeggio frequencies, and they’ve been used since ancient times to promote wellness. Biochemists, physicists, doctors, and other researchers have studied these frequencies and found a whole host of health benefits.

Here are the Solfeggio frequencies and their potentially positive health benefits:
40 Hz- may stimulate memory and fight dementia symptoms
174 Hz- may aid in pain and stress relief
285 Hz- may enhance the immune system function and promote cell regeneration for faster healing
396 Hz- potentially targets fears, worries, and anxieties, reduces guilt, and helps promote a more positive mindset
417 Hz- focuses on healing emotional blockages caused by trauma
432 Hz- may slow the heart rate and create a calming sensation and increases clarity
440 Hz- may stimulate brain development
528 Hz- is said to reduce stress in the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems and is associated with blessings in ancient cultures
639 Hz- may elevate and balance your mood and emotions, promote situational awareness, and contribute to healthier relationships
741 Hz- is said to promote greater intuition and better ease in speaking your truth
852 Hz- may awaken intuition and promote positive thoughts
963 Hz- contributes to a heightened sense of self and promotes spiritual development

You can listen to Solfeggio frequencies while you work or sleep. Including them as a part of your daily wellness routine could help you feel less stressed and more motivated. It might even boost your physical health! Check out this video we found for you and dive into a blissful sound bath today.

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