Perhaps you already know your Sun Sign and call yourself a Scorpio or an Aquarius, but you don’t really understand how or why astrology works. Well, if you are seeking information on astrology basics, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Reading your daily horoscope is one things, but starting to understand how the 12 zodiac signs work, or the planets, the houses, and signs all work together is another thing indeed. We strive to inspire anyone interested in astrology to become even more curious and want to know more, and we hope to touch your heart while inspiring your mind.

After all, while horoscopes are useful, they are just a starting point. A great horoscope will inspire you to live your best life and look at new ways of doing things, but a working knowledge of astrology can take you from being interested in all things celestial to having a new-found wisdom as to how our universe is connected.

So, whether you are here to learn more about your Sun Sign, the other signs that make up your personal full astrology chart, or even all zodiac signs, Soulvibe is here to help with an ever-growing list of articles, in addition to your free daily horoscope. We are glad you’re here!

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