3 Secrets of the Gemini Personality

3 Secrets of the Gemini Personality
3 Secrets of the Gemini Personality

Geminis are complex and full of contradictions, which can cause many other signs to lose patience with them. Geminis have a bad rep amongst the signs as being flaky or two-faced, but that is not always the case. The quick and lively Gemini is one of the most misunderstood signs. Read on to unravel a few of their many secrets.

A Gemini Does Not Want To Fight

While some signs live for conflict, Geminis are different. They would really rather avoid conflict, and will generally walk away if they don’t feel the situation is worth it. However, don’t mistake this for weakness. If you have managed to pick a fight with a Gemini that they feel is worth winning, watch out. They will probably win.

Geminis Are Incredibly Loyal…To Those They Feel Are Worth It

Geminis have a bad reputation for being flaky, but those who have managed to gain the respect of a Gemini know that they have a powerful friend in their corner. That being said, it can be difficult to earn the loyalty of a Gemini. They choose all of their relationships very carefully and if you don’t measure up, it will be very clear.

The Path To A Gemini’s Heart Is Through Their Mind

Geminis have a thousand thoughts at once. They are great at starting projects, but not always good at finishing them. While they can be flirty smooth talking social butterflies, who seem to love everyone they meet at first, what Geminis really crave is connection and intellectual stimulation. If you can bounce through topics with ease and love to exchange wacky ideas you will find a friend for life. This misunderstood sign is down for anything different and genuinely wants to hear what you have to say, as long as it’s interesting.


  1. I am gemini and i can play both parts good n bad..i adjust easily to my environment as long as i dont get caught up in my feelings..i believe we vibe strongly..i am a bit shy..with a short temper..we are competive in alot of things..

  2. Whatever sign comes after Gemini I’m on the dead end cusp of that by 2 days so is that why I hate cats lol

  3. I’m a Gem & typical of my sign. I think 15 steps in front of everyone, stress over all & nothing. Have several projects & conversations going at once, whilst doing something else.
    However, I’m also an empath & soul protector which just adds to the mental acrobatics.
    I always look for the good in others & keep an open eye and mind.

  4. Omgoodness I know a Gemini who is a horrible girlfriend n logically sensitive person, I try so very hard to get to the nice friendly part in her n keep giving her another one more time, but she lies constantly on me n accuses me of doing her wrong.. Especially wen she’s hitting on my hubby n saying that he will never have or be happy becuz of me, I quit saying anything to her about any of the insults n how she embarrasses me. I have met several Geminis in my life n it was never good thoughts or sensing the zest for life thru them so I have to concur w ur analysis you are real off on that one sorry but the last time was for real the last time

    • Wow. That’s sad you only knew of those negative Geminians. Matter of fact, I am a Gemini, I have shamed many of geminians who were exactly what you had describes and that will not make me one of them. I don’t walk along in a crowd. Nah. I am a loner which I prefers that and I find it so peaceful. Very butterfly social when have the chance to. Also doesn’t have jealousy in my bone. Have known lot of female geminians who does have issue with being jealous. Yet, many males get jealous with male geminians. How irony is it? Yeah. Gemini are easy to be misunderstood. Hope you will meet a awesome Gemini one day. It’s not all bad about us, Geminians.

  5. Yes being a Gemini can be a struggle when it comes to starting projects and not finishing them because I get bored with the project so ill leave that and go find something more stimulating to do loll.When it comes yo people..all bore me to pieces.So ill start talking about BS and they will finally walk away while im still talking..lmao.Now when it comes to fighting I wont start.anything but it takes lots to pisss me off..but if I get to that point I hope u can defend yourself because I will kick your ass up between ur.ears and will never bother me again and ill do it very quickly so I can get on to something else.

    • I am also a Gemini and I got alot of the Gemini characteristics I’m smart witty some say flirty smart mouthed speak b4 I think but I am quick tempered it don’t take much to make me mad and I love a good debate my birthday is June 19th could I be more on the next sign BC it says Gemini love cats I hate cats lol

    • Well said. I can agree with the struggle of being a Gemini when it comes to projects. 🙂 I usually have to take a break for a few minutes and then try and get back to what I’m working on, which usually helps! However, I can totally relate with the sentiment of it taking a lot to tick you off.. us Gemini’s must have an incredible amount of patience when it comes to things that annoy us.

  6. So what happens if BOTH of your parents were Geminis (Mom on June 14th, and Dad on June 21st), and I was born a Gemini in between them on June 16th… does that make me a DOUBLE Gemini??? LOL 😊

    • Aw cool, Allison 🙂 !! I was born June 16th also!! Birthday twins!!! However my parents are both Leo’s; Mom is July 23 and Dad – August 5. Not sure what to say about double Gemini though…(ᵔᴥᵔ)

  7. I can’t stay focused on the people around me.
    Or the every day thing any longer.
    This Gemini needs to fly the coupe fer a while

  8. I find that being a Gemini
    That it’s very true I get so bored not only with the things I do. But with the people around me.
    This is Amazing.

    • I am the same way and I feel bad when I get irritated with someone simply bc I want tr hem to leave me alone bc I got bored and they’ve done nothing wrong really…except now I’m also annoyed by them.

  9. I’n a true Femini and I think for the most part that sums us up very nicely. I know I have a habit of losing in terest in sme project if becmes boring or mundane to me

    • Yes. But your a male Gemini and male geminis to me the ones I’ve met are arrogant and don’t finish nothing js

  10. My son is a Gemini and I never who’s coming to dinner? Definitely 2 faces here, the one I love dearly and the other not so much.

  11. Sounds exactly like Isabel M. Yoly and Tito’s daughter. Yeahh talking about U. Sincerely J. A.M

  12. Been in a on and off relationship with one for 12 yrs….doesn’t help that I’m a cancer….perfect description of him!!!

    • Omg, we wear the same shoe, I’m the cancer, he is the description given. Proof of the patience of Cancers. 4 years in here, Kudos to you my Dear for putting in 12

    • I put in 33 years. Geminis are difficult for sure. He is gone now and I would do anything to get him back. We understood each other very well. My son is a Gemini also

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