The Zodiac As The Seven Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins
7 Deadly Sins

Ah, the seven deadly sins. We know them well, and even if most of us would like to adjust our halos and say with wide-eyed innocence that we’re guilty of none of them, that’s probably not true. In fact, I think I can sort out our worst ones just using Zodiac signs. Before you start feeling personally attacked, we’ve all got them — but we’ve definitely got some of them worse than others. Remember, we all have ALL horoscope signs somewhere in our personal natal chart!

Aries- Pride & Wrath

Oh, Aries! Pride may go before a fall, but wrath might trip you up just as easily. Your pride and your temper could get the best of you with your impatience and insistence on always being right. This is probably the part where I should tell you to check yourself before you wreck yourself, but since I know it won’t do any good, I’ll just tell you to buckle up. And maybe have an alibi.

Taurus- Sloth & Gluttony

Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. If you’ll pull your face out of the all-you-can-eat tacos for just a minute, let’s talk sloth and gluttony. While you may see sloth as working smarter rather than working harder, I think you forgot you actually have to do some work to work smarter. Plus, your love of luxury could have you a glutton—for punishment and for stuffing yourselves with yummy goodness. Too much of a good thing is actually possible, which you might have learned now but probably haven’t. Okay, go back to your tacos. I give up!

Gemini- Envy & Pride

With all that Twin energy, you probably have enough room for all the deadly sins, but two really stand out. That mile-wide competitive streak you’ve got there could make you a prime candidate for both envy and pride. Wanting to come first and having those lofty ideals could seem like a strength—until you turn pea-green with envy or get tripped up by your mega ego. I’d say cool your jets, but you’re probably too busy revving them.

Cancer- Envy & Wrath

Here I am, trying to figure out how to point out you’re guilty of any deadly sins at all when I’m fully aware of your wrath, cranky Crab. Your jealous and clingy nature combined with swiftly changing moods could have the rest of the star signs taking cover. Envy and Wrath might be your downfall if you don’t find a way to dial it back.

Leo- Lust & Pride

Being the leader of everything, at least in your own mind, could come with a major ego. That major ego might come with a heavy helping of Pride, Leo. According to astrological wisdom, pride definitely tops the list when it comes to your deadly sins, but Lust isn’t far behind. Your passionate nature makes you a much-appreciated lover, but you might want to beware of thirst traps and maybe chill with making bedroom eyes all the time. To you, they’re just your eyes, but we’re pretty sure they’re undressing us 24/7. Quit that.

Virgo- Pride & Wrath

Being so good at everything must be such a burden, Virgo. It’s a shame no one else can compare, right? Welp, I hate to be the one to tell you, but Pride is not actually a virtue, Virgo. It’s great to be proud of yourself, but you might take it to extremes. If that ruffles your feathers, just keep in mind that Wrath is the other deadly sin that vibes with you. Pride and Wrath together? Whew—I think we’re going to need a bigger boat!

Libra- Envy & Lust

I would tell you to mind your business, lovely Libra, but I know you’re too busy minding everyone else’s. Before you look for Gossip on the list of deadly sins, I’ll just tell you that the word you’re looking for is Envy. Checking out everyone else’s Instagram and comparing their lives to yours could really mess with your head. To be fair, you might spend the other half of your online time admiring one hot beast after another. Between Envy and Lust, when do you have time to adult?

Scorpio- Lust & Wrath

Oh, Scorpio! I want to tell you that the deadly sins that suit you most are Lust and Wrath, but you’d probably just point out that this works for you, and I’d be standing here with my mouth-gaping open trying to figure out how you tried to make deadly sins sound like a good thing. Sure, you’re extra thirsty and always primed to fight, but you’ve probably decided those are just a couple of your lovable features. If others don’t agree, you’re happy to take it outside. I think I’ll skip the fisticuffs and let you be for now.

Sagittarius- Gluttony & Lust

Look at you, Saggy, out there living your best life. No one can tie you down! It might be a surprise (to you) that any deadly sins would vibe with you. But, hey, you’re cool with everyone! Your love of all things novel could have you getting tripped up by gluttony and lust. You might call it a foodie adventure and appreciating the human body, but that might be understating things. Just because it says “all you CAN” eat doesn’t mean it’s “all you SHOULD eat”, Sagittarius. And making googly eyes at everyone you think is hot might seem perfectly innocent but can also get pretty crazy. Put your eyes back in your own head, and maybe skip a buffet or foodie tour every now and again.

Capricorn- Greed & Pride

Oh, clever Cap! I know I don’t have to tell you your most likely deadly sins because you’ve probably got them somewhere in your resume, cleverly disguised as strengths. You’d say you’re not Greedy or Prideful; you’re just hard-working, ambitious, and self-confident. Mm hm. There’s nothing wrong with having goals, but sometimes you just might take them too far. Plus, we all know you’re the hardest worker in the history of ever (you’ve reminded us enough times), but if you don’t dial it back, someone in your office might be guilty of Wrath while the others might be guilty of helping bury your body and providing alibis.

Aquarius- Wrath & Pride

As awesome as you might be when it comes to fighting for a cause, woe to anyone who crosses you! Wrath is definitely the deadly sin you vibe with, Aquarius. Well, that and Pride. After all, your love of deep conversations and your passion for your causes might have you thinking you’re better than other people. When someone says something stupid, it’s like immediate confirmation, right? Wrong, Aquarius! You might want to calm your pits and eat some humble pie after if you want to make friends rather than a long list of enemies.

Pisces- Envy & Sloth

As much as your dreamy vibe gives us goals, you still have a couple deadly sins you vibe with. Sloth, for one. Daydreaming all over the place doesn’t really get things done. As much as you love to sit and think, sometimes life needs you to get moving. And I don’t mean on another Netflix binge either! Plus, all your watching on the sidelines could have you envying what others are working so hard to get. Maybe check the Envy and ratchet your speed up to “Snail” over “Sloth” and you’ll have some of those things, too.
Sure, we have some tendencies that might not be our favorite, but we’ve also got a ton of strengths. It looks like none of us got out of this without our halos a bit tarnished, but that’s just a part of being human.

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