About Soulvibe Horoscopes

No, not crazy astrology: Soulvibe horoscopes are expertly crafted positive messages designed to help people live happier, healthier and more successful lives.

Soulvibe uses the relationships of astrological signs to give readers a better understanding how each sign (personality type) tends to navigate the myriad of common human conditions in a positive way.

Soulvibe content is written and edited by our lead astrologer Nancy J. and John Valenty, together, creating 100% unique and original content that helps improve people’s lives.

Soulvibe licenses a small number of content syndication partners such as:

Wellness.com – Dailyvibe.com – HappierDaily.com – e2e.com

Each are authorized to publish Souvibe horoscope content.

If you would like information about licensing Soulvibe content, please call John Valenty (760) 522-1221 or reach john(at)earnware.com.

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