How to Make the Best of Stuff You Just Don’t Want to Do

Stuff You Don't Want To Do
Stuff You Don't Want To Do

Don’t we all sometimes wish that we could just take a day off whenever we felt like it? While in some cases we can afford to cut ourselves some slack, we often have obligations we can’t ignore. So how do you cope at home and at work when you get too busy and the weekend can’t seem to make it fast enough?

Prioritize Your Obligations

One of the most important things to remember when your plate is full is to take care of your biggest concerns first. If you can’t afford to move any of your tasks to the side, start by prioritizing what needs to be done first versus what can wait a little while. Let anyone that’s adding something new to your list know that you have previous obligations that need to come first. While you won’t be saying no to them, you’ll be making your timelines clear.

Ask for Help

You won’t always be able to delegate, but in the cases that you can, you might as well use it to your full advantage. If you have the opportunity to hand one of your responsibilities off to someone else, there’s no shame in asking them. Just make sure it’s someone you trust to get the job done correctly, otherwise you may spend more time teaching someone to do the work than you would have spent just getting it done yourself.

The stress of having too much work to do can become overwhelming However, with a little planning and self-care, you can get through the rough patches and come out on top. Being open to change in routine and creative solutions can go a long way.