Zodiac Signs as Book Tropes

Whether you’re a total bookworm or you prefer to just watch the movie based on the book, you’re sure to recognize a few classic story tropes. They include the love triangle, sudden superpowers, the chosen one, forced marriage, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, reluctant heroes, the “not like other girls” girl, fake dating, quirky best friend, and more! If one of these sounds like your vibe, check out this video to see your Zodiac sign as a book plot.

We found this video above online from Youtubber Cari Can Read, and thought you might enjoy it!

Were you nodding along with this, or do you totally disagree? You’ve definitely read a book or seen a movie that hit these major plot points. Do you feel it is way off base, or are you still laughing at the accuracy?

If your life is a book, these moments might just be one chapter for you. If you’re totally okay with your bookish vibe, just go with it. If you don’t like the character you’ve been designated as being, remember that you’re more than one aspect of your celestial sign. You’re writing the story of your life, and every day is a fresh page waiting for you to pen.

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