Scorpio Horoscope

Dec 09, 2019… Your protective instincts could be more likely to kick in today. Seeing injustice can fire up a Scorpio quicker than anything. If a loved one is being mistreated, you could see yourself jumping in their place. It’s good to have your loved one’s back, but you should also watch your own. Be firm, but stay calm. Let your simmering intensity speak for itself, and you might never need to say a word. You can save the day and keep your backside out of hot water at the same time.

Today’s Soul Advice: Imagination is encouraged and nurtured throughout childhood, but by early adulthood we seem to lose it and adult society even tries to repress it. Your imagination isn’t gone. We’re taught to push it under loads of responsibilities and harsh reality. Yet, so much can be accomplished, discovered, and developed when people — regardless of age — utilize their imaginations. Unbury your creativity!