You have a body, you are a soul.

The 12 Soul Realizations

Discover your soul and fall in love with your life

Only the Soul Reveals Your True Path to Purpose and Joy

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Who are you, really?

The real you may be trapped in a sick body or an anxious mind, but neither of them are the real you. Deep in your soul, the hidden meaning and purpose of your life is there waiting to be discovered and nourished. It’s who you were actually meant to be. We are infinite non-physical souls with physical bodies. We are here with a purpose to experience physical manifestations of joy. You are not here to merely watch other people living — this is your one single brief moment in time to live your true Soul Purpose. There is no finish line and no way to get it wrong. 

Imagine a Life of True Purpose and Joy.

It’s Your Potential — and this is the beginning of the Map.

Make sure you don’t die with your music still inside you. ~Les Brown