Nourish Your Soul.
Raise Your Vibe.

Soulvibe is news, information, and spiritual enlightenment to support “the shift.” It’s the global awakening that is happening right now.

What is Your Vibe?

This is the shift from false ideas about yourself and the world to a collective intelligence that both scientific and experiential as we all share similarities in our human experience. There are also those things which we cannot explain—but we are drawn together because we can all feel it. Soulvibe is a journey for the curious mind. It will nourish your soul and raise your vibe.

Your “vibe” is the energy or vibrational frequency that you emit which attracts other similar energies. Are you attracting what you want in life? You can feel this energy in each person you meet. You’ve probably used the saying, “that person has a good vibe.” You also know what it’s like when someone has a… well, not so good vibe. People with higher and more positive vibes, attract more positive and those with lower vibes attract more of the same. While your vibe can be measured scientifically and numerically scored—it is also simple enough for anyone to understand. Good vibes attract more good vibes.

What Is Your Vibe?

How to Raise Your Vibe?

So, how do you raise your vibe from just okay to great? It happens as the result of positive association and enlightenment. Your very association with Soulvibe is nourishment for your soul, it’s literally raising your vibe right now and you are becoming more enlightened. It’s nothing complicated—it just means you can “see” more about why things work the way they work.

“As you become more aware of this power you have, you’ll develop more ways to use it to your advantage.”

Raising your vibe makes you naturally more positive-minded, accepting of the past and hyper aware of the present moment. When you raise your vibe, it adds to your ability to have a greater and more fulfilling connection to all things. You find a heightened awareness and sense of your place in the Universe.

When your vibe is higher, you also find that taking positive actions is more natural and effortless. These are universally accepted methods to literally become someone who can attract everything they want into their lives. It’s the proven miracle of manifestation.

The Manifestation Miracle

You probably have heard “the Law of Attraction.” It’s been called many things including “The Secret”, or some just call it a miracle. People who learn to use this personal power are able to manifest (or attract) that which they want. It involves visualizing what you want, raising your vibe and attracting the life you want with purpose and intent.

The Shift

Humans are evolving. Consciousness is growing. More and more people every day are being drawn to seek a deeper understanding of themselves and others. We’re looking for ways to lead healthier and happier lives. We are seeking fulfillment and a deeper connection with nature, the Universe, and one another. Join us in celebrating the Shift as it happens.

Inspirational Messages

Soulvibe sends a variety of inspirational messages to share wisdom and insights into common human conditions as well as cautionary perspectives to help avoid the pitfalls in life. While it might seem silly to read your horoscope or crack open a Digital fortune cookie, it’s no more or less unusual than getting inspired by a great book, song, or lyrics. You can have confidence that the messages are all carefully crafted to raise your vibe, increase your understanding, connectivity to the Universe and attract more of what you want in life.

Fortune Cookies

Astrological Insights

All things emanate a frequency. Planets, stars, people, animals and inanimate objects. This isn’t weird science, these are proven facts that science is only now starting to beginning to understand. Astrology isn’t about planets interfering with free will or having power over us. It is in fact, a widely accepted ancient language that reveals and explains how our birth signs and planets react to changes much in the way trees change with seasons.