How to Stay Positive When Life Gets Crazy

How to Stay Positive When Life Gets Crazy
How to Stay Positive When Life Gets Crazy

Even the most upbeat people can get stuck in a downward spiral when life gets crazy. How do you keep this negativity from affecting your family, your work–and even your health? Stay true to who you are by being proactive about the big things, and all the little things will just fall into line. You may not believe it, but if you try these few simple ideas on a daily basis, your smile will be bright again in no time!

Whether you need to make lists to keep things going, help others to bring needed perspective back to your life, do a little funky dance or just stop multitasking so you can focus, these ideas will help you stay positive when life gets just a little crazy.

Be Like Ferris Bueller and Just Dance!

Delight Someone Else

When your life is crazy and you’re feeling overwhelmed, the last possible thing you can consider is doing something for someone other than yourself. However, taking time for others can make you stop your hectic schedule for a moment and get outside of yourself, which may help you bring some of the smaller challenges back into perspective. No matter your flaws and imperfections, there is something that you are uniquely suited to do. Even if that’s just warming up some soup to take to an elderly neighbor for an hour, you’ll have made a difference in someone else’s life–which will bring a smile to your face and a lightness to your step.

Stop Waiting – Start Doing

Life is precious, and just because you put off doing something doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, make a list of everything you have to do. Yes, absolutely everything–from changing the toilet paper rolls (again!) to paying bills and taking your puppy to the vet. Putting everything out there on paper has the beautiful effect of taking it OUT of your brain, and putting it somewhere that you can prioritize and attack it as you are able. Think of something later? Add it to the list. An added bonus is that humans absolutely love to mark things off of a list. We love to complete tasks–why take that wonderful feeling away from yourself? You might also find that some of the things that were making your life crazy can be delegated to others, which will also lighten the load.

Just Dance

Sometimes, when life can seem completely overwhelming you just need to turn on some really loud music and just dance. Whether you’re dancing by yourself a la Ferris Bueller or grabbing the kids for an impromptu jam session, dancing brings out endorphins which lead to a positive uptick in your mood. Even 5 minutes of silliness can leave a smile on your face for the rest of the day. If you’re self-conscious, do some car dancing! It works every bit as well, and you’re much less likely to see shocked colleagues at work if you’re busting a move in the minivan.

Stop Multitasking

In the 80s and 90s, multitasking was billed as the way to get more done in a shorter period of time, but recent studies show that multitasking is simply a way to do several things poorly! Pick just one project or just one task and attack it fully, with all of your attention. When life is feeling crazy, you can reel it back in with a focus and dedication to completing some items and getting them off your plate.
No one is perfect all of the time, and we all feel stressed out, crazy and ready to explode. Don’t let those feelings bottle up and get to that point! Release some of the pressure and get your positivity back with these quick tips.



  1. This is some very interesting news. Ever thing I read is EXACTLY what I am going through at this point in my life . I just sat down to write a list because there is SO MUCH 2 DO these next few months…

  2. I am so glad i read all this and it explains myself in all of this ive been through it all and i know people thinks im crazy but ill try about anything for happimess we all need happimess i keep list of things days appointment i always put others b4 myself everyone knows that also so right ive helped everyone ive known been around where is the return no they dont do nothing for me but God blesses me maybe thats why God blesses me because ive done so much for others

    • God(dess) blesses EVERYONE. Your obviously a very open and giving person. I believe THAT is WHY you get “blessed” so keep up the kindness…just try and make sure your not being taken advantage of because of the need to”people please”. By this I mean because you can’t live with the thought that someone may dislike you… it’s a REAL problem… very sneaky a b d often hard to recognise in ourselves.
      I know…. it’s something I had to address in myself and I found it just NOT THAT EASY to recognise when I was doing it and then change my attitude towards always”being there” for everyone!:-D

  3. I honestly rarely give myself a break when i do for my six children…even when im sick i keep going without even stopping..the only time i a truly get my time out is when my kids are all asleep…

  4. I give myself a time out that’s what I tell my grandbabies whom I’m currently raising. I make sure they are safe and I put myself in time-out only for ten minutes. I take that time to just sit and do some deep breathing or listen to my favorite song and do some stretches this seems to help me .

  5. enjoyed reading of new things and ways of life I need Ito make me happy first and dance dance dance thank you

  6. That’s the whole problem I’m always doing for other’s ,but no one do nothing for me. At the end of the day I’m not happy

    • I totally understand . Than when I blow up everyones shocked. But why do i have to get to that point for them ( my family) to listen to me ?

    • I feel the same way more than most of the time. I don’t know will help you at all but I started to plan small trips for my kids and myself. It gave me something to look forward to and I would give the kids memories and even if there was no one else, like my husband or grown family, I would still have my trip. I think I just had to become more selfish in how I gave back to myself. It doesn’t help when I’m upset because I do feel the way you do, but it has given me a huge outlet so I don’t feel like my life is on hold, which for the most part it is because I’m always waiting on someone else.

  7. By using an appropriate amount of time management and set priorities in the correct order; it will be profitable to multi-task and/or to be flexible at the right times.

  8. What can I do to help me stay away from trouble making people. I also need to avoid bad company without being disrespectful. I wanted to develop better judgment skills of people that I should and shouldn’t trust, and that goes for family members as well. Thank you.

    • Unhealthy people attract unhealthy people. I had to learn that the hard way. Or alot of the times I get super lonely and I choose the wrong people to be around. Take time to enjoy your own company first and become more positive and you’ll see you will attract better people.

      • How do I take time to enjoy my own company? I know this is what I badly need to do atm. Just having ended a 15yr relationship I’m so lonely. I know it was for the better to get away from an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy people. I can’t stand to be alone atm and I’m afraid of slipping back to where I was. I thought of starting another relationship with a nicer person but thought it unfair to both of us as I don’t know who I am anymore. I need to be okay by myself before I invite anyone else in. I jus do a lot for a lot of people but not sure if I do this because I don’t want to be by myself. I feel I don’t enjoy my own company.


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