Can Being Spiritual Impact Your Happiness and Health?

Can Being Spiritual Impact Your Happiness and Health?
Can Being Spiritual Impact Your Happiness and Health?

Whether you consider yourself religious or spiritual, believing in a “higher power” has positive effects on your happiness and health. Having a spiritual center actually helps relieve stress, provides a sense of connectedness with something greater than oneself and to others, and helps give you hope, all of which leads to a happier you. Your spiritual beliefs are a positive part of your life, perhaps more so than you realized.

Stress Relief

Stress is a natural part of everyday life but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Spirituality can help alleviate some of your stress. Having a spiritual center can allow you to feel a sense of purpose, connect to the world, and share the burden of responsibility (not everything is in your control), all of which helps to alleviate stress. By reducing your stress, you can not only be happier but also healthier — a reduction in stress hormones means your immune system is healthier and you get sick less often!


As social creatures, humans crave a feeling of connectedness with others. According to the book Mind/Body Health: The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions, and Relationships (Karren, Hafen, and Cummings, 2010) having a spiritual center allows you to fulfill that craving by connecting to other people and to that which is beyond the self (the cosmos, God, the universe). By going to a place of worship, hosting a spiritual gathering in your home (or going to someone else’s house), and/or joining online groups that share similar spiritual beliefs, you are able to connect with other people while strengthening your beliefs in a higher power. Ultimately, this allows you to experience spiritual well-being, also known as happiness.


One of the most powerful things a person can have is hope. Spirituality or belief in a religion can help people become more optimistic (hopeful). Those who consider themselves spiritual tend to lean toward optimism. Being optimistic means you can bounce back pretty quickly from negative life events, and overall optimists are hopeful and happy. Hope can help us through the hardest of times, giving us a sense of something better to come. Hope can draw more happiness and health into your life.

Having a spiritual center can be beneficial to both your health and your happiness. You may be religious or simply consider yourself a spiritual person. Either way, having that belief in something greater than yourself lends you tools to cope with stress, helps you connect with others and the world and allows you to find hope in otherwise hopeless situations. Your faith is your strength and whether you’re creating prayers or intentions, be rest assured that you’re also one step closer to manifesting amazing things.

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