Parallel Universes? The Evidence Says Yes

Parallel Universes? The Evidence Says Yes
Parallel Universes? The Evidence Says Yes

Have you ever wondered about parallel universes? Like, is there a universe where you’re a millionaire, or where it snows upside down? Is there a universe where it’s possible for the impossible to possibly happen? Science hasn’t ruled out the potential of parallel universes existing. In fact, there are plenty of scientific researchers looking into evidence for the potential of parallel universes.

Even more exciting, scientists may have actually found evidence of a parallel universe bumping into ours! Observational cosmologist Ranga-Ram Chary at Planck’s US Data Center in California has been studying evidence for parallel universes and made a super cool discovery that could support the multiverse (multiple universes) theory.

Parallel Universes and Us

Okay, so what exactly is a parallel universe? According to scientists, the Big Bang formed our universe and may have actually formed a bunch of other universes parallel to ours. Each universe exists in its own bubble with its own laws of physics and unique characteristics. Like: our universe has gravity, ice cream exists, and there’s life on Earth.

Sometimes these bubbles bump into each other, leaving material from their universe in the universe they bumped into. When a parallel universe bubble bumps into ours, it leaves a mark. It’s these little encounters that leave evidence for scientists to explore the potential for parallel universes.

The Findings

While studying CMB (cosmic microwave background), which are basically light leftover from the beginning of the universe, Ranga-Ram Chary noticed something very interesting. Chary found that there are some bright spots that don’t seem to belong to our universe. These bright spots may have come from another universe bumping into ours, but scientists caution that other explanations such as dust may be the culprit. Right now,  science doesn’t have a straightforward way of testing for alternate universes bumping into ours, so we just have to keep testing (and debunking) theories.

Parallel universes kind of sound like science fiction thanks to pop culture, but real science is searching for evidence that the Big Bang may have created other universes besides our own. These other universes may even affect ours so that the most unlikely of occurrences actually happen. Pretty neat, huh?

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