Are You in Love or Just Attached?

Are You in Love or Just Attached?
Are You in Love or Just Attached?

Are you driven to want to be loved? Do you love other people with the desire to be loved in return, only to find heartbreak lurking around each corner? You’re certainly not alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more love in your life. Love is, after all, one of the most powerful energies in the universe. But if you find yourself unlucky in love over and over again, consider for a moment that it isn’t that there is something unlovable about you. You might just be doing it a little wrong.

What Is Love, Anyway?

When we love from our minds or bodies, we form attachments and those attachments feed a desire to have that returned in kind. To be loved back is the goal. Sometimes, we even hope our love is strong enough to change people, to make them choose us, or to encourage them to give up the things in in their life that don’t fit with what we want them to be — all in the name of love.

When we love from our soul, there aren’t expectations or rules. We love someone for who they are at this moment, warts and all. We don’t need them to validate those feelings, even if we hope they will, because the soul’s feelings are complete just as they are.

Loving from your true self can help you get past all those nasty physical chemical reactions that stir up jealousy and hurt based on someone else’s actions (or inactions). When it hurts that someone isn’t living up to your expectations of them, that isn’t really love — that’s attachment.

Drawing True Connections To You

So ask yourself — if when you give them the space to be themselves, accept them as they are, remove your own filters, and are completely honest with yourself — do you still feel what you consider to be love, or do you just feel disappointment and heartache? In that case, you may simply be attached to the idea of the person or being in the relationship. In the end, that may just not have what it takes to make you truly happy.

If it is still love you feel, you get to choose to love more purely, more openly, and more fully. If you’re being taken for granted for your openness and pure love, you can choose to walk away. You’d be opening yourself up for something more true, healthy, and honest to be drawn to you. You might just find that it feels even more amazing that you ever imagined.