How Powerful Are Spirits?

How Powerful Are Spirits
How Powerful Are Spirits

You’ve likely heard of spirits being able to make things move, like throwing a lamp across the room or rearranging furniture. Perhaps you’ve even experienced this yourself. So, how powerful are spirits? Can an angry entity cause us harm?

Do Spirits Interact with Us?

Spirits have the ability to interact with the physical world, though this doesn’t mean they’ll hurt us. There are positive entities out there, and there are some harmless tricksters. Here are a few experiences people have shared online:

One person relayed that a near-death patient saw a black and white cat with the doctor. The doctor’s cat had just passed away, but they hadn’t shared any of that with the patient. Looks like the kitty wanted to stick with his owner even after death!

Someone else once had a back-and-forth yelling contest with their sister only to remember that their sister was out of the country at the time. They have no idea who it was they were actually talking to, but it seems to be a funny and harmless interaction with a spirit.

Another person, home alone, noticed the reflection of a man in the TV who decided to give a little wave before disappearing. Perhaps the man was just a friendly spirit passing by or a helpful one watching over the person. Maybe he just wanted to watch the X-files. It is hard to say.

People have also reported seeing orbs and shadow figures pop up. While these can certainly be startling, they generally don’t do much harm.

Indeed, ghosts can make themselves seen, heard, and otherwise known by interacting with us and physical objects. This isn’t so bad when the spirits are helpful or neutral, but it can spell bad news when negative entities are present.

When Negative Spirits Lash Out

Of course, many people attest to angry and otherwise dark spirits existing. They can cause a lot of damage to our belongings and some say that the more powerful ones can even bring us harm or at the very least scare the bejeezus out of us.

For instance, visitors of Greyfriars Cemetery have experienced anything from passing out to full-on broken bones thanks to malicious spirits.

Another scary occurrence involved a young family who had stuffed animals thrown at them. Also, the husband was scratched, leaving marks on his back.

A young girl from Brazil experienced a terrible haunting in which she was attacked, bitten, suffocated, and at one point spontaneously caught on fire.

Some ghosts scream, slam doors, and even try to harm us by throwing things and directly attacking us. If things like this are plaguing your home, you can try a few things for protection.

Protection Against Dark Forces

If you’re afraid that malicious entities may be residing in your home, try out some of these options for protection. You might try to clean your aura, which can include doing yoga, burning incense, and mindful meditation.

If you are religious, try praying for positive things (light, love, and protection). There are also a variety of herbs you can use for protection. If you choose this route, do your research! Some herbs can be eaten or burned, while others should only be used for amulets and the like. Please never, ever ingest something like that without speaking to a health professional!

Some people burn sage or sprinkle holy water around, and as they walk around the house they ask the ghost to leave. Make sure to open the windows if you try a cleansing ritual like this. Also, black onyx, emeralds, and a variety of other gemstones can be used as protection for individuals.

However, I think one of the best pieces of advice is for you to try not to focus on the fear. If you’re obsessing over the entity, you’re giving away your power. As hard as it may be, try to focus more on positivity and less on darkness.

Some say that ghosts can become really powerful, to the point that they can affect us and interact with the physical world. It’s important to remember that (most) ghosts were once people, and just like people, some of them are good or simply neutral. Like people, they are souls with potential… and no longer trapped in a body or physical mind. Any ego left is that of energy, and energy can be transformed.

If you have a spirit who likes to rearrange furniture or tickle you in your sleep, you shouldn’t be too worried. However, some say that spirits can get violent. It is when things tend towards violence that it is worth taking action, whether that’s cleansing your home with sage, praying, contacting professional paranormal investigators or making your mind focus on positivity. The power to dispel dark entities is at your fingertips.

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