Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libra Sign
Libra Sign

The Scales

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruled by Venus
Key Phrase: “I Balance”

The Libra Sign

The seventh sign is Libra, which is symbolized by the scales. This air sign is all about balance. Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are sometimes considered to be the personification of love and harmony. They tend to have excellent judgment and often see a fair answer to a problem before others might. As an air sign they do have an intellectual side, but it is more focused on what is right and just than it is about pondering great scientific or philosophical pursuits. Libras also seek to balance their own lives, but often do so through relationships. This pressing desire for a partner can leave Libra heartbroken when things do not work out.

This sign does tend to sometimes be a little flighty or gossipy, and should be careful to not be pulled into situations where they feel they have to be those things in order to have a social group. They have a deep need to connect with others, but they are not likely to use another person’s misfortune in order to further themselves. Outspoken and sassy, they can be bundles of fun to be with and truly light up a room with their presence.

More On Libra

Libra is the seventh of 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. Libra is a cardinal sign that is ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty and love. Libras are known for valuing peace, justice, beauty, and relationships. The sign is represented by the scales, representing both justice and balance.

Libra is one of three Air signs in the Zodiac. The other two Air signs are Aquarius and Gemini. Air signs reside in the air element of the Zodiac calendar, but each sign exhibits their element in a different way. Air signs are known to be high-achievers who are detail-focused, sociable, and quick to forgive. They can also tend toward indecision.

Libra exhibits Air sign traits with charm, diplomacy, a social nature, and a great admiration for art and beauty. You can just as easily find Libras negotiating peace as wandering an art exhibit or trying out the latest fine dining cuisine. Their greatest challenges involve making decisions and their innate tendency to avoid personal conflict–although they make amazing mediators for others.

Libra is associated with the color pink. Pink represents Libra’s loving and peaceful nature. The soft pink of Libra represents charm, harmony, and indulgence.

The Mythology of Libra

Libra is the 29th largest constellation and is located in the Southern hemisphere. It was first discovered and recorded by Ptolemy in the second century CE. Libra means “the weighing scales” in Latin and is said to represent the scales held by Greek goddess Dike, also known as Astraea. It stands out from the other zodiac constellations in that it is the only one that represents an inanimate object. The Libra constellation is also home to one of the oldest known stars, the Methuselah star.

Let’s talk about the history of astrology. Much of it is linked to a constellation, which is linked to mythology. The astrological constellation of Libra has roots in Roman tradition where it was seen as a favored constellation. Libra represented bringing balance to the season as well as equal time between day and night. It was once considered the autumn equinox. Babylonians also equated Libra to balance over a thousand years before the Romans. Additionally, Libra has roots in Greek mythology.

In Babylonian mythology, Libra was seen as bringing balance to the heavens, but it was first associated with the claws of Scorpio. The sun rising in Libra each autumn was known as “the weighing place”. The scales were seen as belonging to the sun god who ruled over truth, justice, and harmony and was said to wield a saw to cut through mountains and deliver swift justice.

In ancient Egypt, Libra’s scales were associated with Scorpio but still echoed the theme of justice. In the underworld, souls were judged by weighing the heart on a pair of scales. A light soul that weighed as much as a feather was said to be pure and would meet Osiris while a heavy soul was fed to the goddess Ammit, the soul eater, a terrifying creature who was said to be part lion, part hippo, and part crocodile.

The most popular version of Libra’s constellation is perhaps the Greek. Libra represents the goddess of justice Themis, the mother of Astraea. She is seen as blindfolded and holding scales. Themis is represented by the constellation Virgo, and Libra is represented by the scales she holds. This is the more harmonious of myths, particularly as it is less blood-thirsty than its Egyptian soul-eating counterpart. Still, the theme of being judged continues throughout the mythology.

Libra Sun, Moon, Or Rising: Why It Matters

Celestial signs often make us think of the star sign that falls on the date we were born. This is known as a sun sign, and people born between the dates of September 23rd to October 22nd have Libra as their sun sign. The sun sign represents core identity. Most people born during these dates will opt to read the Libra daily horoscope. After all, it’s the easiest celestial sign to locate and remember when all we need is our birthday.

Sun signs give insight into identity, goals, actions, and desires. Moon and rising signs show other sides of our personality. Moon signs represent the internal self and may encompass instincts, emotions, needs, and behavioral tendencies. Our moon sign is the way in which we see the world and respond to life experiences.

A Libra Moon sign is known for innate peace-keeping abilities and will be happiest when mediating conflict to find harmonious solutions. Those possessing a Libra Moon also deeply value relationships and are rarely without one. Libra Moon signs will need to take care to avoid entering new relationships before exiting the previous one. Overlapping relationships could threaten the very harmony they most hold dear. Additionally, Libra Moon signs may seek outside validation and will need to learn to source validation and approval from inside themselves.

Rising signs represent how others see us. A Libra Rising sign is often extra-sensitive to the world around them. They cannot tolerate conflict and may be avoidant if unable to mediate a solution. Libra Rising has all the charms Libra is known for and tends to make friends easily. They will often value beauty and luxury and may need to take care to live within their means rather than overextending with retail therapy.

Celestial transits can have an impact on our behavior, and understanding this can help provide insight into our lives. What horoscopes don’t do is predict our choices or behavior. The purpose of astrology isn’t to predict the future or tell us what to do next. Instead, it helps us become more self-aware and to grow, if we so choose. Horoscopes are useful when it comes to learning about the world around us, too, but they can only guide us to consider possibilities. Unfortunately, they won’t be giving us lottery numbers or telling us if we should apply for that promotion.

To find rising and moon signs, we need our date of birth along with the time and location. This will give us a natal chart, which includes the 12 astrological houses of the Zodiac. A natal chart is a map of the celestial bodies at birth and can give a deeper look at the potential of our lives. It’s possible to be a Libra sun sign, Libra moon sign, Libra rising sign, or a combination of these star signs. Knowing each of these zodiac signs can help us see ourselves and others more clearly.

About Libra

Libras are known for prizing harmony, justice, and beauty. Above all, they crave balance and do what they can to restore it when conflict arises. Although they can, at times, be avoidant of personal discord, they’re also some of the best mediators when it comes to other people’s conflicts. Their peacekeeping nature can often see both sides and help find a bridge between them.

Libras are also known for their desire to connect in relationships. This is often a defining characteristic. Libras tend to prefer partnership, and single Libras are likely to source that through close and connected friendships. Because many prefer romantic relationships, Libras are rarely alone and may seek out extra attention if they aren’t receiving it within their relationships.

Libras also appreciate beauty in all its forms. This appreciation can manifest in many ways including a love of art, music, fashion, and even the physical form. Libras may have to take care that their love of beauty doesn’t become shallow in relationships or equate to high debt when directed toward shopping for luxury items.

Charm and magnetism also apply to lovely Libras. These social butterflies may come across as flighty at times, but they enjoy connecting with others and seeing life from multiple perspectives. They’re happy to learn about others but may need to take care not to source their sense of self-worth and security from how others receive them. Because they are sensitive to conflict and concerned with relationships, it’s important that they learn to create their own happiness rather than relying on others to provide it.

Because Libras have charm to spare and appreciate beauty in the arts, it’s no surprise that many celebrities share this star sign. Well-known Libras include the Boss Bruce Springsteen, actor Donald Glover, former President Jimmy Carter, actor and rapper Will Smith, tennis pro Serena Williams, rapper Lil Wayne, actor Gwyneth Paltrow, singer Halsey, dancer Maddie Ziegler, actor Brie Larson, singer Gwen Stefani, singer Bruno Mars, singer Cardi B, actor Hugh Jackman, singer Usher, actor Zac Efron, rapper Snoop Dogg, Judge Judy, actor Mark Hamill, and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi. The list goes on! Libras make up an impressive number of successful celebrities, artists, and icons. Their appreciation of beauty, peace, and prosperity likely contributed to their many achievements.

Libra Compatibility

Libra may be naturally more compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius while they may find Cancer and Capricorn to be least compatible. Compatibility won’t guarantee a relationship will go the distance, but it can certainly help us more easily navigate our relationships when we understand ourselves and others better.

Libra + Gemini: These two just might give you serious #relationshipgoals. A Libra and Gemini couple will be strong on trust, emotions, and shared interests. This couple’s challenge will lie in managing Libra’s need for connectedness and flimsy personal boundaries with Gemini’s need for space and social time with others. Libra could find themselves giving too much of their time away to Gemini’s mercurial interests only to find themselves running on empty. For this couple to survive, they’ll need to find the right combination of togetherness and rest time that allows Gemini to be sociable and Libra to stay balanced. It’s not impossible–especially since the trust, emotional connection, and interests are so strong.

Libra + Aquarius: Libra and Aquarius are one fun-loving dynamic duo! Both love socializing and are great communicators. These two will never run out of things to talk about and will likely build this relationship on being each other’s best friend. This exciting, carefree couple will love spending time together, but it won’t be all fun and games. Libra’s bossy nature may run up against Aquarius’s stubborn streak, and Aquarius may be more reluctant to commit. However, if both partners in this duo agree to commit and communicate, their love could last a lifetime.

Libra + Leo: Libra and Leo have some serious soulmate potential. Both love going out, dressing up, and socializing, and Libra’s natural diplomacy will be a strong compliment to Leo’s leadership style. This optimistic couple could have a strong and happy future, but they may have to work on exercising restraint when it comes to lavish spending. Their love of beauty and luxury may need the occasional reality (and budget) check. They also may need to beware of possessive behaviors and make sure they allow healthy room inside the relationship for the best possible chance at soulmate status.

Libra + Sagittarius: Adventure ahead! Sagittarius’s love of adventure and excitement will bring out passion, spontaneity, and enthusiasm in charming Libra. Both are big flirts who love to socialize so meeting at a party or event is not outside the realm of possibility. Plus, these two will be each other’s perfect plus-one. Sagittarius’s blunt nature might tickle Libra’s sense of humor, as long as Libra doesn’t get a bruised ego. This couple equally loathes conflict and much prefer to work things out than let them fester. This adventurous pairing could run into money troubles. Libras may want to blow the budget on high fashion whereas Sag’s spendy nature may come out in experiences and travel. Both may need to check these luxuries against the budget to avoid running straight into debt. Libra may be ready for commitment before Sagittarius, but this doesn’t mean Sagittarius won’t commit–it just may take a little longer for them to be ready. If Libra can practice a little patience, Sagittarius could be the perfect life partner.

What Being a Libra Really Means

It’s interesting to note that for any Zodiac sign–whether sun, rising, or moon– the traits don’t define us. It all depends on how we use them. Do we make these traits strengths–or do they become our weaknesses? It can be easy to think that our signs define fixed personality traits, but the truth is that our choices say a lot more about us than our signs alone.

Identifying a star sign won’t identify what we should do. It can, however, give keen insights into the various choices we have to make. It can provide perspective, but horoscopes don’t provide prediction.

Libra’s need for balance and peace can help them successfully mediate and resolve conflict. They are powerful negotiators because they possess great charm as well as the ability to see both sides. However, this can become a negative trait if they start to avoid conflict to keep the appearance of peace rather than resolving it. To maintain a high vibration, Libras will need to judge others less and extend more compassion. Understanding their challenges can help empower Libras to make careful choices rather than becoming stuck in judgment or indecisiveness. Their innate diplomacy can help smooth ruffled feathers and promote peace wherever they go.

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