Using Your Horoscope for a Happier Life

Using Your Horoscope for a Happier Life
Using Your Horoscope for a Happier Life

Understanding the universal symbols and archetypes of astrology and horoscopes helps us understand ourselves and others better. There are a few different ways to define “archetype,” but, in astrology, we use the Jungian psychological definition. An archetype, then, is a universal symbol that is passed down through the ages from generation to generation that exists within our collective consciousness, albeit often in the subconscious or unconscious mind.

Archetypes Are Universal Human Traits

We display these traits in our own personalities, in how we relate to one another, and in different areas of life. Mythology, for example, is a great way to explain human nature. Mythology of ancient gods and their archetypal personalities were stories that help us understand our nature.

The history of astrology is rich in the same mythology that helps us explain the nuances of our personalities, egos, emotions, and drive. Planets are named after ancient gods, and we see similarities in the planets’ “actions” in our lives and their mythology.

As a tool, the purpose of astrology is to teach us to be conscious of these archetypes and how we display them. It can reveal where and how these traits and patterns are likely to show up in our lives and allow us to make conscious decisions of free will to choose how we’re going to use it. Each archetype has both a higher and a lower vibe. We get to decide which we’re going to embody in our daily lives.

In Western astrology, the 12 Zodiac signs represent these archetypes. You can source astrological wisdom from the daily horoscopes that are based on the archetypes and how they might be impacted by the stars, planets, and their transits.

You Choose Your Vibe

Let’s use the Zodiac sign Virgo as an example. On the lower vibration, Virgo is critical, condescending, and impossible to please. On the highest vibration, Virgo is selfless, service-oriented, sensual, and giving. As we all have the Virgo archetype in our collective consciousness somewhere, when we recognize that side of ourselves, we are conscious and aware of it.

Astrology can tell us where in life Virgo energy is likely to be expressed, and if we go through life being aware of it, we get to choose how to use it. When we use the higher vibration of the archetype with purpose, we become happier, more joyful, and healthier, and we take responsibility for making the world a better place.

Why Should You Read Your Horoscope?

With Soulvibe Horoscopes, the archetype of your Sun Sign (what some people call Star Sign) represents the psychological ego. This is your sense of self and the feeling of being “I” or “me.” That is why horoscopes are generally prepared for the Sun.

Certainly, there are other planets in astrology that reflect different parts of your overall archetypal and psychological makeup. The Moon symbolizes your emotions, Mercury is how you communicate, Venus can say something about what you love and how you love, and so on. Yet the Sun, being your drive, can give you an idea about how you use your personal energy and provide insights into how to grow toward being the best version of you.

As you learn more and gain more insight, you can use astrology wisdom and your daily horoscope to become more aware of yourself and the motivations of others. You can take a greater role of control of your life, find your true soul path, and make the most out of each day. You can be the change that this world needs, experience a greater kind of love, more fulfilling relationships, find a better job that more closely matches your purpose, and have an overall deeper experience navigating the rivers of life.

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