Are There Past Lives? Research Says it Could Be Possible

Are There Past Lives? Research Says it Could Be Possible
Are There Past Lives? Research Says it Could Be Possible

Have you ever wondered if this isn’t your first life? Have you been born into this world more than once, or do you think once it’s over you don’t come back? Is there even such a thing as reincarnation? Well, some researchers think there could be, and this is how it might work.

Our Consciousness

There’s already scientific evidence that our consciousness and bodies are separate, and that our consciousness or “souls” are released back into the universe after we die. Little microtubules within our neurons seem to hold the energy we call our consciousness, but we still don’t know for certain where that energy goes. For years, several different religions such as Buddhism, Sikh, and Hindu have believed in reincarnation. Of course, this has been a pretty difficult idea to prove since most people aren’t able to remember past lives. However, in rare cases there are people who claim they have accessed these memories.

Unlocking Memories

For example, in past years there have been instances of people, particularly young kids, recalling past lives and reporting names and incidents that were startlingly accurate. These are children whose knowledge of events can’t be explained in terms of general science. People like University Professor Jim Tucker even do research on the subject in hopes of finding better answers, and have found those who have memories from specific periods in our history.

While usually it’s children who clearly report these experiences, sometimes adults might be able to get through to long buried memories through past life regression, a kind of hypnosis that can help access them.

There is still a lot to learn about the possibility of life after death, but through the science and extraordinary experiences of ordinary people, we could one day discover something major. It’s worth considering that we’ve all lived other lives and that our current lives are just the tip of the iceberg, with centuries resting below the surface. Our consciousness is a strange and amazing mystery to be unraveled.