Gemstones for All Your Protection Needs

Gemstones for All Your Protection Needs
Gemstones for All Your Protection Needs

Whether you are seeking protection from negativity, low vibes, or from evil things like malicious spirits, there are a variety of gemstones that can help. And, who doesn’t need a little help with their vibe — even if it is symbolic? If you aren’t interested in the protective properties of these gemstones, they’ll look fabulous as jewelry.

General Protection

Ruby. One of the four precious gemstones, ruby may have the power to protect your health and increase your life force. It also promotes courage and positive dreams.

Jasper. Known as the nurturing stone, Jasper has the ability to bring feelings of peace and dispel fears. Comfort and relaxation are increased by this gemstone.

Carnelian. Carnelian stone is a stabilizer which brings peace to otherwise chaotic lives. This gemstone also brings positivity and optimism, allowing people to overcome past traumas.

Courage, positivity, and peace are all essential in fighting off negativity and protecting yourself from potential evils. These three stones are great for general protection from pretty much everything negative.

Fend Off Negativity

Black Obsidian. The obsidian stone awakens ones’ inner warrior while reducing your stress and feelings of depression. Negativity doesn’t stand a chance against black obsidian.

Celestite. Also known as celestine, this gemstone fights off negative energies by quelling anxiety and discomfort. It is also believed to have the power to connect people with celestial beings, such as guardian angels.

Smoky Quartz. This grey-colored quartz can be utilized to remove negativity from your surroundings. It banishes negativity by absorbing it, and in the form of an amulet, smoky quartz can ward off danger.

Protection from Evil

Blue Chalcedony. This stone is great for promoting mental and emotional stability while reducing feelings of anger and impatience. Without negativity to feed on, evil will certainly leave you alone.

Snowflake Obsidian. As a stone of purity, the snowflake obsidian has properties that allow it to ward off evil and protect those in possession of it. Our bodies are said to accumulate toxins which make it hard for us to experience positivity, but this stone works to clear us of those toxins.

Beryl. This stone is great for letting go of emotional baggage, as well as promoting courage and optimism. Together, all of this helps you ward off negative energies (malicious spirits love negativity) and, therefore, evil.

Protection stones can be worn as jewelry, placed in your home or workspace, or kept in your purse or wallet. So long as they are nearby, you will benefit from their protective powers. Negativity, evil spirits, and bad vibes stand no chance against the might of protective gemstones — or you and your amazing soul.