Can Pets Sense Spirits?

Can Pets Sense Spirits?
Can Pets Sense Spirits?

Pet parents everywhere are quite familiar with their animals acting strangely, like dogs growling at seemingly empty corners, cats staring at ceilings, and even horses and guinea pigs that become startled for unknown reasons. While it’s easy to laugh such odd behaviors off as our pets being weirdos, there’s a strong possibility that our animal friends our sensing or seeing something that their owners can’t (or perhaps refuse to). That is, pets may be able to sense and see ghosts.

Our housepets (and other furry friends) have evolved alongside humans and tend to be pretty helpful. This may mean that they’ve developed a need to warn us when a spirit, unseen by people, have appeared. How can animals see what humans can’t? Well, animals do have sharper senses than people. And as it turns out, cats, dogs, and some other animals can see parts of the spectrum that we’re simply blind to. Also, animals are very in touch with their instincts, which can make them extra sensitive to unseen energies. Some may even say our pets have a sixth sense. Humans, on the other hand, tend to try very hard to deny their sixth sense.

Sharpened Senses

Our animal friends are truly remarkable. Their senses are honed far beyond ours, and this let’s them notice stuff that people don’t. They can hear better and sniff stuff out better than us, like when I open a can of tuna in the kitchen and my cats suddenly emerge from their hiding places to beg for a handout. Because of their sharp senses, there is a long history of dogs being believed to have the ability to see ghosts, and cats have also long been associated with the supernatural. Some consider kitties to be our protectors from the supernatural. Animals can hear and smell really well, which helps them to notice when there’s an unfamiliar smell or sound (e.g. voices of the dead), and their instincts or sixth sense makes them act.

A Sixth Sense

Dogs and cats are super perceptive, to a point that it seems like they have a sixth sense. Like, our pets are really attuned to our emotions, and sometimes even comfort us when we’re upset. Our pets may also warn us when one of our associates isn’t such a pleasant person or if there’s someone unfamiliar lurking around. They tend to want to alert us of potential dangers and even try to protect us, so when our furry friends (I can’t speak for the scaly ones) are freaking out, it’s probably their sixth senses kicking in. Instincts tell them when there’s a sketchy person around, so why wouldn’t it still apply if that sketchy person just happens to be dead? Animals react to what they sense, unlike humans who have to think through and rationalize what they’re experiencing. In short, an animal’s sixth sense is on point, and it makes them pretty likely to notice the paranormal.

Seeing Beyond the Veil

Animals can literally see stuff that people can’t — true story. In particular, dogs and cats are able to see UV rays and physically see things with their eyes that our peepers just don’t perceive. So, yeah, it is very possible some of our mammalian friends are able to see spirits. Here’s a video of some pets reacting to things their owners can’t see:

Can our pets sense or see spirits?

Quite possibly, yes!