5 Gemstones to Promote Positivity

5 Gemstones to Promote Positivity
5 Gemstones to Promote Positivity

While it’d be great if we could live life without our vibe slipping from time to time, that’s pretty much not possible. No matter how happy we are, sometimes lower vibes get the better of us and we need a little help to get back in touch with ourselves, and one great way to do this is to try the use of gemstones. These five gemstones are great if you’re in need of a positivity boost.

Let’s face it. Even if you’re skeptical about whether or not gem vibes can promote positive mood changes, just looking at or wearing beautiful, earthy stones makes us feel good.


For help increasing your optimism and reducing self-doubt, the aventurine stone is perfect. This stone opens your mind to the endless opportunities that surround you and increases your confidence to pursue them. Keep this stone close by for easy access to its powers, either as jewelry, in your pocket, or on your table or desk.


Citrine is bursting with powerful positive energies. With citrine, you will feel mentally and physically revitalized, not to mention you’ll find it’s easy to live in the now and maintain a positive state of mind. Citrine is most potent when it is worn as jewelry.


The beautiful onyx has amazing absorb-and-transform powers. It absorbs negative vibes and changes that dark energy into goodness, turning bad luck into good fortune and curses into prayers. In order to utilize the power of this gemstone, you can add it to prayer beads, jewelry, or simply carry it in your pocket or wallet. For this stone, be sure to cleanse it regularly using running water so that there’s no residual energy stuck to it.

Rose Quartz

If your problems seem to stem from love, or feeling a lack of it, the rose quartz can be of great use in helping you heal. Rose quartz is a gemstone of unconditional love and positive relationships. Even better, it aids you in learning to love yourself, which is arguably the most important kind of love. To use the rose quartz, put some stones in rooms around your home, keep one near your bed or under your pillow, and  wear rose quartz jewelry.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is great if you need a boost in confidence and inner strength. With the tiger eye, you’ll have an easier time confronting situations and overcoming negativity. For the best results, hold the tiger eye when you meditate or pray, or wear jewelry that keeps the tiger eye near your head, like earrings or a necklace.

Love, positive energies, confidence, and inner strength — all of these can benefit from gemstone vibrations. Whether you wear gemstone jewelry or keep gemstones in areas around the house, there are a variety of stones and minerals that can help you fight off the blues. When choosing gemstones, always follow your intuition. Your soul knows what you need.