Astrology is for Everyone

Astrology is for Everyone
Astrology is for Everyone

The use of the philosophy and intuitive nature of Astrology isn’t something limited to people of a certain age, education or religion. All that is required is an interest ā€“ and possibly some determination ā€“ for learning more deeply about yourself and others.

Today’s Western Astrology is based on ancient astronomy and the belief systems of people such as the Babylonians and Sumerians, but over the course of thousands of years it has become modernized and has evolved into a system of understanding the self, relationships, and life cycles.

While the astrology of old was used mainly by the priests, doctors, and kings of the day to try to predict events and understand how movements in the sky were related to earthly matters, its endurance into our contemporary world has led to the development of many different traditional schools of astrology: Practical, Psychological, Heliocentric, Financial, and more.

Many people wishing for insight into their own mind and spirit or to better understand partners, friends, or family gravitate toward Psychological Astrology, as it helps the person studying to look deeply into their own development as a human being.


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