Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius Sign
Aquarius Sign

The Water-Bearer

Quality: Fixed
Element: Air
Ruled by Uranus
Key Phrase: “I Know”

The Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Uranus. Its symbol is the water bearer. While this can be a little harder to understand than a bull or a scorpion, the water bearer provides life, spiritual fulfillment, and nourishment for the soul. So, this air sign is often a visionary with a humanitarian streak a mile wide. Ruled by unconventional Uranus, the Aquarius is a thinker, a dreamer, and an eccentric mystic all rolled into one. They have to watch for being a bit impersonal or distant in personal relationships, because their emotional energy often leads them more towards agape love than romance. Aquarians value freedom, and tend to pull away if they feel fenced in or controlled.

Like other air signs, their mental focus has an intellectual flavor. They do tend to be reactive and have a temper as their first reaction to feeling hurt, even though this cools down as quickly as it surges. They can be stubborn and very strong in their beliefs, but always want the best for the world around them. Often clever and witty, they make great friends. They will go to battle for those they love if they face bias or prejudice, and tend to be attracted to people who also walk to their own beat.

On a scale of one to ten, Aquarius comes in at an ELEVEN. At least, Aquarius is the eleventh astrological Zodiac sign, following Capricorn and preceding Pisces. Aquarius is a fixed Air sign, which is surprising when you consider that it is symbolized by the water-bearer. The symbol comes from the Latin translation of Aquarius as a carrier of water. Traditional astrology has Saturn as its ruler, but the more modern take has Uranus ruling Aquarius.

Aquarius is one of three Air signs in the Zodiac. The other two Air signs are Gemini and Libra. You’ll find each Air sign in the Air element of the celestial Zodiac, but that doesn’t mean that each sign manifests the element in the same way. Air signs share the trait of being analytical and valuing communication. They appreciate good conversation and mental stimulation, and they just might get easily bored when those factors aren’t in play.

For Aquarius, the Air sign influence is apparent in the way they view the world. They have open minds that value diverse ways of thinking. They are often setting trends, breaking rules, and going their own way, unconcerned about what other people are doing. You’ll find this Air sign approaching life with gusto while constantly innovating. They also lean toward a community-minded approach. It’s not enough that they make their own lives awesome–they want to extend that generosity of spirit and open mind into making the world a better place.

Signs can be either cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Cardinal signs are action-oriented motivators while mutable signs tap into flexibility and resourcefulness in their approach to life. Because Aquarius is a fixed Air sign, that means that they are strong-willed but often stubbornly resistant to change of any kind–at least, the change that they themselves did not instigate. They may not easily give in when asked to change. They much prefer the ones to decide what they’ll do and when they’ll do it.

Aquarius has a power color, and it is blue. As the symbolic water-bearer and bringer of knowledge to the world as well as an Air sign, blue is a sensible, calming choice for open-minded Aquarius. Blue can signal balance, friendliness, and creativity. It can bring relaxation to over-thinking Aquarius. Wearing blue in any shade can help an Aquarius tap into their strengths by reminding them of the need for calm, balance, and self-care as they set off on their own path through the world.

The Mythology of Aquarius

The history of astrology is rooted in world mythology and is often linked to a celestial constellation. Aquarius is recognized as one of the oldest constellations and was first charted by Claudius Ptolemy, an astronomer, in the second century. Interestingly enough, Aquarius is seen as one of the oldest and certainly the luckiest of constellations. Why? It’s considered lucky because it includes a star known as Sadalsud, which translates to “luckiest of the lucky”.

What’s interesting about constellation mythology is that different cultures around the globe have different stories about the same constellation. There are roots to the constellation Aquarius in several myths. Common astrology doesn’t really use mythology, but it does provide an interesting background for the signs and symbols of our Zodiac signs.

In Greek mythology, Aquarius is represented by a shepherd boy known as Ganymede who was the son of the Trojan king. It is said Ganymede was kidnapped by Zeus while watching over his sheep. He was taken from the fields by Zeus’s eagle Aquila and was said to become the cupbearer for the Olympian gods. In this disturbing mythological tale, the kidnapping happened when Zeus fell in love with the boy and wished to possess him.

In some versions, it was Zeus himself that transformed into an eagle to kidnap him. In others, the goddess of the dawn Eos is the one who desired Ganymede and kidnapped him, only to have her captive kidnapped again by Zeus. One imagines Ganymede, the cup-bearer, later required therapy. They could have just sent flowers to express their affection, but gods are known to be a bit dramatic.

In other Greek mythology, Aquarius is seen as the son of Prometheus. Prometheus was said to have built a ship to escape a flood with his family. Later, the ship was said to reach shore on Mount Parnassus. In still another Greek myth, Aquarius is associated with a king who sacrificed water instead of wine to the gods–presumably to keep the wine for himself.

Greeks aren’t the only ones with Aquarius constellation myths. Sumerians saw Aquarius as the bringer of the great flood. It just so happens that the sun rising in Aquarius happened during flood season. Despite this connection, Aquarius was still seen by Sumerians to represent good luck.

Chinese astronomy also has a story associated with the constellation. The water flowing from the cup or jar is seen to represent the Army of Yu-Lin, which translates to “feathers and forests”. This was meant to represent the soldiers from the north who could march softly to arrive undetected.

Aquarius Sun, Moon, Or Rising: Why It Matters

When someone asks, “What’s your sign?”, we usually think of our sun sign. It is, after all, based entirely on the date we were born. Aquarius sun signs were born between January 21st and February 20th. The sun sign is the easiest celestial sign to identify, and it’s usually the one we’ll read when there’s a daily horoscope.

Sun signs represent certain facets of our personalities. They indicate our goals, desires, behavioral tendencies, and actions. Moon signs represent our inner world–our emotions, needs, and the way we see ourselves. Rising signs, however, are the way the world sees us. This is how our inner identity is received by the outer world. We can be an Aquarius sun sign, Aquarius rising sign, or Aquarius moon sign–or any combination of the three.

Moon and rising signs provide more nuance into our intuitive personality. However, they aren’t quite as easy to identify. They require a full natal chart with the time and location of our birth. This helps give us a celestial map of the moment we were born. It tells us where the zodiac signs were in each of the 12 astrological houses that represent areas of our lives. Having a natal chart can help us identify challenges, strengths, and opportunities across our lifespan. Without the location and time of our birth, however, we are unable to obtain the moon and rising sign.

An Aquarius Moon feels deeply connected to humanity. They see themselves as having a great purpose in life to help others, and they tend to base their emotions on their values and keen sense of what is right. They’re even capable of putting what is right above their own needs. However, with all that being said, they can seem distant and–if they aren’t careful–could feel superior to their fellow human beings. It’s important for an Aquarius Moon to be able to be self-aware enough to see how both attitudes and actions can impact the world around them rather than simply professing a humanitarian spirit while looking down on humanity.

Our first impression of a person could indicate their rising tendencies. An Aquarius rising, for instance, may seem kind but reserved. They make great coworkers and members of a group project, and they can even be fantastical casual friends. It just might seem a little difficult to get close to them. The reserve can sometimes be mistaken for snobbery (to be fair, sometimes it is), but often, Aquarius rising just deeply values independence and gives their trust, effort, and time sparingly. It could indicate a fear of intimacy or could just show that they are capable of maintaining strong, healthy boundaries and only let people in when they’ve earned their place in the inner circle. Of course, both could be true.

The transits of the stars can help us see the difference between our identity and how others interpret that identity. It can give us a deeper look at the way we form our perceptions and how that can lead to behavioral tendencies. But let’s keep one thing in mind: astrology won’t predict what we’ll do or what might happen. It can only guide our decisions by showing us the possibilities.

For example, an Aquarius is naturally community-minded. Whether they use this sense of community-mindedness to campaign for local office, participate in local community organizations, or just complain about problems on the Internet depends on what that particular Aquarius chooses to do. A daily horoscope won’t make that decision for them or even tell them which decision they should make. It doesn’t define who we are, but it could give us hints of who we could be if we choose. Aquarians don’t have to worry about astrology trying to be the Boss of them. They can keep their wild and rebellious hearts because horoscopes are merely meant to be a way of gaining deeper insight, something knowledge-seeking Aquarius could enjoy.

About Aquarius

Aquarians are usually the eccentrics of the Zodiac. They feel different because they think about the world in unique and unexpected ways. They tend to be intellectuals who keep an open heart and mind. Because they have humanitarian tendencies, it’s not uncommon for the Aquarius in our lives to be a champion of the underdog. They want to make the world a better place, and they often philosophize about how it could be improved.

Aquarians value innovation, technology, and communication in their career and relationships. They can, however, get so caught up in a cause that they forget to see the forest for the trees in terms of neglecting their relationships or other commitments. They genuinely want to make the world better, but they may need to be reminded to ground themselves at times in order to apply that same sense of revolution to making positive changes in their relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners.

Aquarius also prizes independence and freedom. They can be wanders, philosophers, and dreamers who need plenty of time to get away from the world and think. This sometimes has them projecting an air of aloof reserve, and they may not be seen as the strongest of the Zodiac signs when it comes to deeper intimacy. This doesn’t mean that they are incapable of it, however. They just choose to keep their circle limited.
Aquarius does face some personal challenges. They can sometimes cultivate a superiority complex that can lead to their downfall. Their way of looking at the world and wanting to make it better is admirable, but they have to make sure to extend their great compassion for flawed individual human beings and not just humanity as a whole. If they can balance their desire to create progress and change with genuine empathy for others, they may be able to avoid the pitfalls of thinking they are better than those around them.

Additionally, Aquarius may have to work to transform relationships from casual, friendly acquaintances to deeper friendships or even romantic relationships. Although they value and crave independence, they also need to learn how to make the leap away from shallow connection as needed to have secure, loving bonds with others. For Aquarians, they are happiest when the people in their lives allow them the space to come and go as they please.

Aquarians can be stubborn–giving signs like Taurus, Capricorn, and even Scorpio a run for their money. They can become deeply attached to ideas and resistant to change. They can be persuaded but only by an argument that includes philosophy, academic evidence, and a tug on those humanitarian heartstrings. They are so tenacious that it may require all of the above to change their minds.

They may do a deep dive into the literature themselves, but they’ll have to be careful not to fall in too deep with unproven conspiracy theories. They’re rebellious minds may vibe strongly with an unusual and even outlandish theory, but their knowledge-loving nature will feel better when conspiracies have a firm basis in fact and evidence and not just hearsay and circumstantial evidence.

That stubbornness can also be credited with so many successful Aquarians in the world, however. Their love of knowledge and deep desire for a better world are often the claim to fame for many well-known Aquarians. Here are just a few famous Aquarians: Former President FDR, Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks, comedic actor of Office fame Rainn Wilson, singer Neil Diamond, Grammy winner and actor Alicia Keys, comedian Chris Rock, singer Ed Sheeran, celebrity chef Guy Fieri, actor and mustache-enthusiast Tom Selleck, singer and former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, pro-wrestler Ronda Rousey, singer Shakira, Gone With the Wind actor Clark Gable, rapper Dr. Dre, Titanic Captain Edward Smith, actor Kerry Washington, 80s star Molly Ringwald, artist The Weeknd, singer and former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake, singer Harry Styles, Friends’ star Jennifer Anniston, basketball legend Michael Jordan, explorer Ferdinand Magellan, baseball legend Babe Ruth, singer Bob Marley, famed feminist Susan B. Anthony, and Hulk actor Bill Bixby.

It’s a diverse list, and it’s made up of some pretty unusual characters–freethinkers who made their mark on the world. From crafting the fantasy landscape of Alice in Wonderland to social justice efforts to comedic legends, this list is filled with people who stood up, stood out, and deserve a standing ovation. And these are just a few of the notable Aquarians who have impacted the world!

Aquarius Compatibility

When it comes to Aquarian compatibility for romantic relationships, Aquarius tends to be most compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, and Aries. They don’t tend to vibe well with Taurus and Scorpio. Compatibility is often used as a measure of romantic relationships, but it actually provides insight into all our relationships. Some signs simply tend to complement each other more than others, which isn’t to say those are the ones who always have the most successful or long-lasting relationships. Those relationships may be a bit easier to manage, but knowing compatibility can help us overcome obstacles and focus on strengths. It in no way guarantees a happy ever after. However, it never hurts to better understand potential relationship dynamics. Let’s dive into compatibility with Aquarius.

Aquarius + Gemini: Hello #CouplesGoals! With Aquarius and Gemini, they either partner each other for life or stay friends even when it’s over. The connection is that strong. These two love a deep intellectual discussion. They don’t mind disagreeing, but they much prefer to bounce ideas off one another rather than arguing. Both Aquarius and Gemini are social, independent, and hold similar values (like space and communication). These two will only be challenged when it comes to the more sedate routine of day-to-day life. If they can see it as part of the adventure, these two could give us couple goals forever, but if they can’t take the occasional boring reality of routine in the relationship, they may break up but stay friends.

Aquarius + Sagittarius: This dynamic duo has mad chemistry! Both are independent, progressive thinkers who see the world with an open mind. Seriously, there’s soulmate potential in an Aquarius and Sagittarius pairing. So, what’s the problem? You’re both pretty straightforward and blunt, which sometimes translates to “rude” to the rest of us. This could lead to some pretty epic fights and hurt feelings if you both don’t check yourself before you wreck yourself. Plus, these two are both a bit avoidant of commitment, which could work in a pairing, but it could mean that it’s harder for these two to ever truly settle down. That’s fine if both parties are happy with the status quo, but it’s considerably less fine if one person wants a commitment before the other person is ready. There are personality differences, too, but most of these will complement the other. The chemistry will stay hot and burn on–as long as they communicate well about the rest of it.

Aquarius + Libra: Get ready for a lot of emoji heart eyes flying between these two! An Aquarius and Libra match is romantic, fun, and social. These two may come at life from opposite ends of the spectrum, but that won’t hurt them if they maintain some balance. Libra will always care a little too much about what other people think while Aquarius won’t care at all. Both communicate well and aren’t strangers to compromise. These two will have fun, put in the effort on keeping the connection exciting, and could really bring out the best in each other. Libra will just have to make sure not to try to tie Aquarius down before they’re ready to commit, or they could send this independent-sign running. If they can talk this out and move at a steady pace, these two could give us all heart-eyes.

Aquarius + Aries: These two might make a love connection over their shared sharp humor, but their love is no joke! These two are irreverent, independent, and opinionated. Aries will want to take the lead in the relationship, but you might not mind since they share your sense of space, excitement, and adventure. Both are capable of leading change and even changing the world, which is what makes this formidable couple so powerful. Sure, they don’t take a lot seriously, but when they do, they can move mountains making stuff happen. It’s impressive. Aries might be all too-trusting while Aquarius isn’t always trusting enough, but they just might help each other out with finding a balance. This relationship could surely have the last laugh if they can keep their cool and compromise as needed.
Relationships are tough! They require work and effort–especially to maintain them over time. These might be the star signs most compatible with Aquarius, but that doesn’t mean Aquarius should rule out the others or strike out the least compatible signs altogether. With love, a lot can be overcome. Having a better understanding of ourselves and our partners can certainly help, however.

What Being an Aquarius Really Means

Far be it for anyone to tell an Aquarius what it means to be an Aquarius! We wouldn’t dare! Being an Aquarius is whatever that particular Aquarius makes of it.

So, is astrology real, and what’s the point of knowing the sun, moon, and rising signs? It’s a great question. We already know that astrology doesn’t predict anything. It’s not about prediction at all. Instead, it’s all about revealing the nuances of personality, behavior, and how this all works together to form our relationships.

Astrology isn’t a rulebook. Think of it as a guide to our strengths and the many possibilities of our choices. It’s not the boss of you. It can’t even make decisions for you. It can, however, help you think about the world in a different way and consider your impact on it.
Being an Aquarius could mean that you resist change, think outside the box, and march to the beat of your own drummer. You certainly might see yourself in those qualities. That doesn’t mean it has to define you. Astrology is more like a light that illuminates all the many possibilities that shape you. What you do with those qualities … that will depend entirely on you. And knowing you, you probably have something unusual in mind, something none of us saw coming. We look forward to seeing what you’ll do next.

So, what does it really mean to an Aquarius? We’ll just watch and wait to see what you make it mean. After all, you’re the one who gets to decide.

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