Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo Sign
Leo Sign

The Lion

Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Ruled by The Sun
Key Phrase: “I Will”

The Leo Sign

The fifth sign of the zodiac is Leo. Symbolized by the Lion and ruled by the Sun, Leos are kings and queens of their pride. Willful and dogmatic, this fire sign can be stubborn and dominant. However, they are also protective and loyal to those they care about. They can be complex and emotional. Even female Leos often take on the role of a father figure to those around them, having their backs and offering advice as needed. They tend to be magnetic and draw people to them.

These natural leaders are often a creative force, having flashes of inspiration. Romantic and generous, their fire may seem to light up the room. They may also have a spiritual side and hold very strongly to their belief systems. Leos often have high expectations of those around them and would do well to be careful to not be too demanding of friends or partners.

Leo is the fifth of 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the Lion, Leo is known for passion. This Fire Sign is also radiant, charming and successful.

The Leo constellation is one of the largest in the sky, and it can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. Leo contains thirteen named stars and is known for two meteor showers in November and January known as the Leonids. It is one of the oldest constellations. Archaeologists have found evidence for a Leo constellation noted as early as 4000 B.C. in Mesopotamia.

Leo is one of three Fire signs in the Zodiac. The other two Fire signs are Aries and Sagittarius. Fire signs reside in the fire element of the Zodiac calendar, but each sign exhibits their element in a different way. Fire signs are known to be creative, idealistic, impatient, and inspirational. The fire sign manifests in Leo with a deep level of self-awareness. Leos tend to be aware of both their strengths and challenges. They work hard and aim a great deal of attention at getting better in their weaker areas. They’re also more likely to share what they’ve learned to help others. Their fiery ways come through with their passion in all that they do. They may need to check their natural impatience and balance that with a little understanding that not everyone is quite as self-motivated or self-aware.

Leo is also associated with the color gold. Gold often signifies royalty, power, and privilege. It perfectly represents Leo’s warmth, optimism, and need for attention.

The Mythology

Let’s talk Leo mythology! The history of astrology includes a mythological story behind the constellation. The astrological constellation of Leo originates in Greek mythology. This constellation honors the legend of the Nemean lion who could not be defeated because of its impenetrable skin. Legend has it that Heracles, son of Zeus, wasn’t able to kill the lion with arrows and instead trapped it in a cave for its last epic battle.

In a disturbing twist sure to distress anyone who loves the lions at the zoo, Heracles then used the lion’s own claws to skin it and then wore its pelt, with the head attached, as a cloak. Apparently, this made Heracles pretty intimidating–because who wants to mess with the guy wearing the skin of the last creature he fought? Not me! That sounds like a whole parade of red flags!

Anyway, the lion was then placed among the stars to show he was the king of beasts, which seems at first like a pretty sad consolation prize until you realize that the constellation of Leo has been shining long after Heracles was walking around in lion fur. It’s a neat story, but it doesn’t have much practical use these days–especially since it’s pretty frowned upon to kill animals and walk around in their skins with the head still attached. Or even without the head attached. Still, it’s fascinating to hear the legend behind the constellation.

Sun, Moon, Or Rising: Why It Matters

Most people automatically think of their sun sign when they consider reading a Leo daily horoscope. The sun sign is the easiest to identify because it’s just the birthday sign. Those born within the dates of July 23rd to August 22nd have Leo as their sun sign. The sun sign represents core identity and gives insight into goals, actions, and desires. Moon and rising signs, on the other hand, allow a deeper understanding of the personality as a whole.

Sun signs come directly from the date of birth, but we need a natal chart to determine moon and rising signs. We need our date of birth, exact time of birth, and exact location of birth to figure out a natal chart–and it’s best to get one online or from a professional. Natal charts show us where all 12 zodiac signs fall in our 12 houses of astrology, which represent the various aspects of our lives.
Think of the natal chart as a birthday map of the celestial bodies. This was what the sky looked like the moment we were born. It shows us where we might struggle and where we might best succeed. A natal chart unlocks many insights into the shape of our lives and how astrological transits might impact us directly.

Moon signs represent the internal self and may encompass instincts, emotions, needs, and behavioral tendencies. A Leo Moon sign is ruled by the Sun while placed in the Moon. It tends to work harder than the other 12 Zodiac signs to get attention. Those who possess a Leo Moon are often warm and generous. They’re also creative and are happiest when they can showcase their talents. Those with a Leo Moon absolutely hate being ignored and may engage in attention-seeking behaviors. Because of their deep well of creativity, it’s unsurprising that so many Leos become famous.

Rising signs represent the outer façade the world may see–or how the inner world translates to the outer one. A Leo Rising will often have a magnetic personality, making them very popular wherever they go. They can be a bit dramatic, but they’re also strong-willed and generous. Ever the leader, Leo Rising demands respect and usually gets it.

Celestial transits at the time of our birth can’t predict the future. It can, however, help us grow. It aids in self-awareness. The purpose of astrology is to better understand ourselves and the world around us. It doesn’t dictate who we are, what we do, or the course of our lives. Only our decisions can do that. As ever, we have the freedom to choose and the natural consequences–good and bad–of any choice we make. It’s possible to be a Leo sun sign, Leo moon sign, Leo rising sign, or a combination of these signs.

About Leo

Leos may have the reputation for always being the center of attention, but there’s a good reason for it. They’re known for their bold personality and zest for life. They also inspire others with their creative flair and innovative ideas. Leos may need to keep their ego and competitive nature in check by keeping in mind that there’s room enough for everyone to enjoy success. As leaders, Leos thrive, and they tend to be brave and optimistic when facing challenges.

Leos are the stars of their own lives, and they often prefer to live lavishly. Leos who don’t find themselves independently wealthy can benefit from working smaller luxuries into their lives. Ambitious and determined, Leos tend to go far in whatever field they choose and will either seek success or notoriety. This fearless sign can often make waves, but their idealism means that they usually have the best of intentions.

Because Leos thrive on attention and possess great creativity, it’s no surprise that there are many famous ones in the world. Some famous Leo celebrities include actor Daniel Radcliffe, which is ironic when you consider that his most famous character Harry Potter was a Gryffindor, which shares the lion symbol. Other famous Leos include singer and actor Jennifer Lopez, actor Sandra Bullock, singer Mick Jagger, actor Helen Mirren, comedian Maya Rudolph, country singer Martina McBride, actor Laurence Fishburne, Friends’ actor Lisa Kudrow, actor and athlete Terry Crews, singer Tony Bennett, actor Daniel Dae Kim, Duchess Meghan Markle, former President Barack Obama, singer Shawn Mendes, singer Whitney Houston, icon and singer Madonna, and more. The list goes on! Between their strong personalities, drive, and determination, Leos are natural celebrities.

Leo Compatibility

In relationships, Leos tend to give it their all. Their big hearts, generous nature, and love of romance can make them strong partners. If they can balance out their innate jealousy and possessiveness, they’ll be more likely to sustain long, loving relationships. Leos may be naturally more compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius while Taurus and Scorpio may be the least compatible. This doesn’t mean there’s no hope with a Taurus or Scorpio or that it will be smooth sailing with the others. It just means that we get along better with some types of people over others. Relationships are hard. They take work. Whether or not our relationships work out is more likely due to our choices, but it would be naïve to dismiss compatibility as a factor.

Leo + Aries: Leo and Aries tend to be one of the most fun and exciting couples. They share passion, chemistry, and fulfilling physical and emotional intimacy. While they can butt heads and bicker, they’ll also tirelessly work for the relationship. They don’t mind arguing as long as they work through it and continue to enjoy each other. They may struggle with trying to control each other but generally will work it out. They should never, ever discuss past relationships because both Leo and Aries struggle with jealousy.

Leo + Gemini: Fun and flirty pair ahead! Leo and Gemini are often playful partners. These two famous flirts will share mutual respect, an active social life, and much laughter. This power couple may seem perfect for each other, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have their challenges. Leo may find themselves doing more work to keep the relationship to balance out capricious Gemini. If they can work to find more balance or if Gemini is careful to appreciate Leo’s efforts, the charming, sociable couple could go the distance.

Leo + Libra: Leo and Libra have some serious soulmate potential. Both love going out, dressing up, and socializing, and Libra’s natural diplomacy will be a strong compliment to Leo’s leadership style. This optimistic couple could have a strong and happy future, but they may have to work on exercising restraint when it comes to lavish spending. They also may need to beware of possessive behaviors and make sure they allow healthy room inside the relationship for the best possible chance at soulmate status.

Leo + Sagittarius: Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs so this pairing is sure to be hot and exciting. This couple will be known for having fun, going on adventures, and being happily loved-up social butterflies. Thoughtful Sagittarius may even help balance out Leo’s stubborn nature by providing new perspectives. This is another pair that may want to watch their budget, but the biggest challenge to a Leo and Sagittarius pairing may be Sag’s often brutal honesty, which could wound Leo’s ego. Sagittarius may also be slower to commit while Leo is eager to go all in. If these two can find balance, they’ll be a strong and passionate pair.

What Being a Leo Really Means

Being a Leo means … well, whatever you want it to. It’s fun to figure out sun, moon, and rising signs. It can help us see the quirks of our character and to better understand how we relate in the world. That doesn’t mean we can’t change, grow, or learn. It doesn’t mean we’re doomed to certain characteristics. Signs are meant to give more insights, but they don’t tell us what to do. And no one can tell us who we are. That’s up to us to figure out.

Identifying a star sign doesn’t determine behavior — just possibilities. It’s all about how we use the qualities we possess. Strengths can become weaknesses and vice versa. It all depends on our choices. Our future may seem written in the stars, but it’s actually our choices that determine the path ahead.

Leo may seem self-focused, but this same quality helps them to be self-aware and to put that awareness into the hard work of being a better friend, partner, and even worker. This also helps them take their own growth and use it to help others. They’re generous to a fault with a warm and loving spirit. That passion can get them a lot of attention, but at their highest vibrational state, Leos are happy to share the spotlight and help others reach their goals.

Leos can struggle with ego, overspending, and jealousy, but this is also balanced by generosity, an appreciation for the finer things in life, and passionate relationships. Understanding that challenges can become strengths is an essential part of taking what we know about the Zodiac and using it to our advantage. The possibilities are written in the stars, but the choices along the way are our own.

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