Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo Sign
Leo Sign

The Lion

Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Ruled by The Sun
Key Phrase: “I Will”

The Leo Sign

The fifth sign of the zodiac is Leo. Symbolized by the Lion and ruled by the Sun, Leos are kings and queens of their pride. Willful and dogmatic, this fire sign can be stubborn and dominant. However, they are also protective and loyal to those they care about. They can be complex and emotional. Even female Leos often take on the role of a father figure to those around them, having their backs and offering advice as needed. They tend to be magnetic and draw people to them.

These natural leaders are often a creative force, having flashes of inspiration. Romantic and generous, their fire may seem to light up the room. They may also have a spiritual side and hold very strongly to their belief systems. Leos often have high expectations of those around them and would do well to be careful to not be too demanding of friends or partners.