Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate
Finding Your Soulmate

No matter your religion, belief system, or even a lack of any organized faith, very few of us won’t agree that there are just some people you “click” with. Maybe it’s “love at first sight,” but maybe it isn’t.

Sometimes those who give you that instant spark of recognition and warmth leave your life only moments after appearing — perhaps they disappear into the crowd or get off at a different bus stop, never to be seen again. Maybe you’ve even met a person you strongly disliked at first, only to find yourself connecting with them later in an epic way.

When We Connect With Soulmates

Yet there’s no denying that occasionally we meet people — sometimes as friends and sometimes as more — that we can classify as Soulmates. It doesn’t matter if you believe in past lives being a factor, pure chance, or just your subatomic particles having interacted before somewhere in the universe… there are just some souls we recognize as a part of us, souls that change our lives.

It’s hard to say whether or not we all have a romantic lock for our particular key. You’ll likely meet several different kinds of kindred spirits in your life, and they will all bring lessons and growth. There may be more than one Soulmate for a particular time or journey in your life, or there may be one that emcompasses all you desire in a partner. So how do you increase your chances of meeting them?

Tips For Finding Your Soulmate

Follow your passions. Seriously. Join that club that interests you. Attend that show if you can. If they are also looking for you, you may just find them doing the things that pull you — and that passion they share with you increases the chance for two lives and paths to ultimately collide. Also, raise your vibe every day. The more joyful and kind you are, the more likely you are to draw the right person to you. You will finally be receptive to allowing your Soulmate to enter your life, to recognize them, and to have the higher vibe that will pull them into your orbit.

That’s where we come in. Soulvibe’s messages work best when used daily to keep yourself inspired, happier, and guide you to your one true soul path.