Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus Sign
Taurus Sign

The Bull

Quality: Fixed
Element: Earth
Ruled by Venus
Key Phrase: “I Have”

The Taurus Sign

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus is famous for being strong, stubborn, and patient. This Earth Sign is also generally deeply loving. Taureans tend to be possessive of their things and those they love, but they can’t often be accused of being petty or jealous. Known for being down to earth, just like their element, a Taurus still likes the finer things in life, but also requires physical and financial security to feel complete. They also have the tendency to be artistic, reliable, and stable.

The physical parts of life—all the things that can delight the senses—are favorites of Taurus. They have a practical mind that is also driven by an earthy sensuality. Taureans are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love in myth, and this is expressed by their love of pleasure, fine food, and the wonderful treasures of life.

The Taurus constellation can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and spring and in the Southern hemisphere in summer and fall. It can be located in the sky by using Orion’s belt to identify its three most memorable markers: the V-shaped Hyades star cluster, the bright star Aldebaran, and the Pleiades star cluster. On the summer solstice in June, the sun shines in front of Taurus, which rises and sets with the sun. Taurus isn’t seen easily this time of year because of its location relative to the sun but is clearly visible in the night sky in winter and early spring. Even though we no longer use the actual constellation in Tropical Astrology as a Sign in horoscopes today, our horoscopes signs are still based on the general myths behind the constellations and the area of the sky they inhabit as seen from here on Earth.

Taurus is one of three Earth signs in the Zodiac. The other two Earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn. Earth signs reside in the earth element of the Zodiac calendar, but each sign exhibits their element in a different way. Earth signs are known to be grounded, pragmatic, and sensual. For Taurus, the earth sign comes out in loyalty, artistry, and a keen work ethic. Their earthy ways come through with an innate sensuality and love of natural beauty. While they can sometimes be lazy and indulgent on a low vibrational day, they more consistently embody the earth’s qualities of reliability and constancy.

Taurus is also associated with the color green. Green, often associated with springtime, represents growth and a deep connection to nature. Green is the most powerful color for Taurus, and it can represent the bull’s need for continued progress.

The Mythology

The history of astrology often includes a mythological story related to the constellation. The astrological constellation of Taurus also has roots in Greek mythology. This constellation honors the legend of the Greek god Zeus who was said to have changed himself into a white bull to win the affections of Phoenician princess Europa.

While it might have been easier just to bring her chocolate, it wouldn’t be mythology without an outrageous gesture from the gods. Apparently, Zeus successfully impressed the princess, and she hopped on his back. The bull swam across the Mediterranean sea all the way to the island of Crete. Zeus and Europa later gave birth to Minos, the legendary king of Crete.

Sun, Moon, Or Rising: Why It Matters

When we think of our Zodiac sign, we likely think of the star sign that falls on the date we were born. This is known as our sun sign. Those born within the dates of April 20th to May 20th have Taurus as their sun sign. The sun sign represents core identity and is why most people born during these dates will elect to read the Taurus daily horoscope. It’s also the easiest sign to identify since all that is needed is a date of birth to locate the correct sun sign.

While sun signs give insight into identity, goals, actions, and desires, moon and rising signs allow a deeper understanding of other facets of personality. Moon signs represent the internal self and may encompass instincts, emotions, needs, and behavioral tendencies. A Taurus Moon sign is the most sensual of the 12 Zodiac signs. Those who claim a Taurus Moon love their creature comforts. They are most at peace when they are cozied up at home with good food and little luxuries like a soft blanket or high thread count sheets. A Taurus Moon also prefers stability over change. While they can be viewed as predictable, a Taurean Moon sign much prefers to see it as dependable and consistent.

Rising signs represent the outer façade the world may see–or how the inner world translates to the outer one. A Taurus Rising is likely to be easy going, affectionate, and patient, but in contrast, they can react with a fierce temper if they are pushed beyond their considerable patience. Because Taurus rules the throat, a Taurus rising could enjoy public speaking, singing, or indulgence when it comes to good food. They enjoy sensual pleasures–particularly with food and drink–and may need to moderate their consumption to maintain balance.

Having a nuanced understanding of how celestial transits impact perception and behavior won’t help predict the future, but it can provide useful information to aid in personal growth. The purpose of astrology and of understanding our sun, rising, and moon signs can help us explore facets of our personality, identify our strengths, and even help us find those areas that could use a little more growth and attention. Horoscopes are useful when it comes to learning more about ourselves and others, but they won’t help you win the lottery or provide specific instruction on what your next move should be. Horoscopes are all about possibilities, not predictions.

To determine a rising sign or moon sign, it’s important to have the date of birth, exact time of birth, and the location of birth to identify the precise transits. With the birth information in hand, it’s possible to obtain a natal chart to identify the sun, moon, and rising signs. A full natal chart will also include the 12 houses of astrology, which represent all of the aspects of our lives. This can help provide key information about the way we tend to perceive the world and how our star sign can impact this perception.
A natal chart is like a map of the celestial bodies at the time of birth and can give an in-depth look at both the potential possibilities and challenges that could be encountered over a lifetime. It’s possible to be a Taurus sun sign, Taurus moon sign, Taurus rising sign, or a combination of these star signs. Knowing each of these zodiac signs is like having a key to unlock valuable insights into ourselves and others. It doesn’t predict the future, but it can give us insight into the many possibilities of our lives.

About Taurus

Taureans tend to be possessive of their things and those they love, but they can’t often be accused of being petty or jealous. Known for being down to earth, just like their element, a Taurus still likes the finer things in life, but also requires physical and financial security to feel complete. They are drawn to hearth and home and are happiest when they create a cozy nest of whatever space they inhabit.
Because Taureans tend to be artistic, it’s no surprise that there are many famous ones in the world. Some famous Taurus celebrities include Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, soccer star David Beckham, powerhouse singer Adele, actor George Clooney, singer Enrique Iglesias, model Blac Chyna, singer Janet Jackson, icon and actor Cher, and even Queen Elizabeth. Their work ethic and ambition combined with their natural tenacity help them achieve their dreams.

They are also known for being both reliable and stable. This can make them a valued worker, fierce friend, and loyal partner. While they may value material things, they are willing to roll up their sleeves and work for them–appreciating them all the more because it didn’t come easily.

The physical parts of life—all the things that can delight the senses—are favorites of Taurus. While this may seem hedonistic, the truth about Taurus is that they have a deep appreciation for life and live it accordingly. They savor the experience of pleasant aromas, delicious food, and delectable drinks. A wonderful gift for any Taurus is a massage or concert tickets as they delight in touch and take pleasure in beautiful music. Their practical mind pairs well with earthy sensuality, and as Taurus is ruled by Venus (the goddess of love in mythology), this can be expressed in a love of pleasure, fine food, and luxuriating in the wonderful treasures of life.

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus may be naturally more compatible with Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces while they may find Leo and Aquarius to be least compatible. Why does compatibility matter? In any kind of relationship, Taurus may find themselves more frustrated by the personalities of Leo or Aquarius but find an ease in communicating with more compatible signs. While this doesn’t guarantee that one relationship will work while another will fail, it does offer insight into potential challenges in relationships.

Taurus + Cancer: Taurus and Cancer are likely the ones who most give us the sweetest of relationship goals. They are gentle with each other, and this love runs deep–so long as neither Taurus and Cancer carry too much unhealed emotional baggage into the relationship. These two see eye-to-eye on the idea of home, family, and love, and they truly enjoy spending time together. While they can both be sensitive, their deep connection will help them face conflict and overcome it if they stay committed to their loving relationship.

Taurus + Capricorn: Taurus and Capricorn are the box of chocolates of relationship goals. On the outside, they may seem a little boring, but the reality of this relationship is more than meets the eye. They offer an easy complement of personalities, and as both are goal-oriented and love their creature comforts, this pairing is likely to be wildly successful at an emotional and materialistic level. Where Taurus motivates Capricorn, Capricorn challenges Taurus. They have a deep emotional bond and commitment to one another, but what the world doesn’t see is the deep passion, fun, and sense of excitement they have when it’s just the two of them.

Taurus + Virgo: Taurus and Virgo have much to learn from each other. While Taurus can teach Virgo much about love and intimacy, Virgo can teach Taurus a whole new approach to life. While Taurus will always connect more at a heart-level, Virgo often comes at love from a more analytical perspective. However, if these two can learn to trust each other, their bond will be strong and able to last a lifetime, and their differences could help make their relationship more beautiful than they could have imagined.

Taurus + Pisces: A Taurus and Pisces pairing will be all about love and having a good time. Both enjoy beauty and creativity, but they may be challenged when it comes to their view of the world. Taurus is very much a homebody while Pisces gets bored if they stay in one place too long. However, if Pisces can learn to take on a little bit of Taurus’s grounded nature and Taurus can learn to be a little more flexible, this relationship could go from strength to strength. However, if this relationship does come to an end, it’s very likely to be mutual and to end in friendship.

What Being a Taurus Really Means

It’s interesting to note that for any astrology sign–whether sun, rising, or moon– the qualities that are identified as strengths for each sign can also be challenges. Understanding a tendency we have doesn’t make it a fixed point in our character. It simply offers an opportunity to understand ourselves without judgment, and it can help us learn to manage certain aspects of our personality better.
Identifying a star sign doesn’t determine how we behave. It merely sheds light on possibilities. The flipside of the strength-challenge paradigm also holds true: each sign’s greatest challenge can also be its greatest strength. Perspective is important, and while the zodiac signs themselves may be written in the stars, what we choose to do with these insights depends entirely on our choices.

For instance, Taurus may have a tendency to be a goal-oriented workaholic, but this quality can also help Taurus achieve seemingly impossible dreams while enjoying the finer things in life. Understanding that ambition is key in the makeup of a Taurus can help Taureans figure out how to balance their drive for progress with an appreciation for the present. Being a loyal hard-worker is a wonderful quality to have, but without a measure of balance, Taurus could find themselves sacrificing relationships, quality of life, and even their health at the altar of an around-the-clock work schedule. Using it as a strength while understanding how it can go wrong can help Taurus feel empowered to make the choices that will most benefit this ambitious and tenacious star sign.

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