Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio Sign
Scorpio Sign

The Scorpion

Quality: Fixed
Element: Water
Ruled by Pluto
Key Phrase: “I Desire”

The Scorpio Sign

The eighth sign of the zodiac is Scorpio, and it is the only sign to have three symbols. This water sign is ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, and is the sign of death and transformation. Scorpio, at its lowest energy, is symbolized by the scorpion: quiet with a deadly sting. The lower side of Scorpio can be vindictive, destructive—not just to others, but to themselves as well–and explosive. The side of Scorpio that is the eagle rises above the vengeance and darkness, sailing and gliding effortlessly above worldly matters, but still sports sharp sight that misses nothing and deadly claws to be able to swiftly and efficiently destroy its prey. This highest vibe of Scorpio is the phoenix, an amazing being that has died and been reborn into a miracle of light and rebirth. Each Scorpio probably carries a little of each of these within them, while some lean more towards one than the other.

Scorpios are fixed water, and you know what they say about still waters running deep! They tend to have insight into human nature that most people do not possess. They have an intensity that is almost palpable when they are in the room. Fiercely loyal, passionate, sensual, and profound, their greatest challenge is to find the light within themselves. Once they do, they are a powerful force for good.

Scorpio is the eighth of 12 Zodiac signs. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto. It is represented by the symbol of the scorpion, although the Eagle and the Phoenix are also sometimes used for Scorpio, due to the connection to regeneration.
Scorpio is one of three Water signs. The other two Water signs are Pisces and Cancer. Water signs are those that originate in the water element of the astrological calendar, but each sign manifests the element differently. Water signs tend to be adaptable and intuitive. These emotionally intelligent signs know to trust their feelings in any given situation.

This sign is commonly misunderstood because they tend to be guarded and mysterious. This can make them seem cold, but in actuality, they just have a tendency to seek out deeper connections over shallow ones. They value honesty above all else while deeply protecting their privacy. Scorpios may not attach to many people, but the ones who earn their loyalty will also get their fierce support and commitment.
Scorpio is associated with the color black. This is a powerful color for Scorpio. It represents their mysterious nature and continued ability to surprise others. Additionally, Scorpio may seem opaque and difficult to know to someone who has yet to be allowed into their inner circle. Black is intense, bold, and can have fathomless depths — much like Scorpio.

The Mythology of Scorpio

Scorpio is associated with the constellation Scorpius, which is one of the brightest constellations and is located in the middle of the Milky Way. While Scorpius has ancient roots, it was first recorded by Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the second century. The Latin name for Scorpius is “scorpion”, which is how Scorpio gets its symbol. It is known for its brightness today, but it once used to take up more of the sky–at least, it did in Greek mythology. Libra’s scales were once seen as the claws of the scorpion.

However, the constellation itself is not associated with the scorpion in every culture. The shape may be distinctive, but it has various interpretations. Chinese mythology associates the constellation with a dragon. In Indonesia, it is associated with a swan or a leaning coconut tree. In Hawaii, it is associated with the fishhook of demigod Maui, which is a name and legend that might be easily recognized by fans of Disney’s Moana.

There are many other fun facts about Scorpius, the constellation. It contains the exoplanet “Methuselah”, said to be at least 12 billion years old. It also contains a super-Earth exoplanet four times larger than Earth and hypothesized to be habitable.

The history of astrology often has roots in mythology. In Greek mythology, Scorpio relates directly to the myth of Orion the hunter. According to legend, Orion bragged to goddess Artemis and her mother Leto that he would kill every animal on Earth. In response to this threat, they dispatched a scorpion to kill Orion. The battle between the scorpion and Orion caught the attention of Greek god Zeus who was said to have put both of them in the sky as a reminder for mortals not to be prideful. This is the Greek god version of “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

In another version of the same story, Apollo, twin brother of Artemis, sent the scorpion after Orion because the goddess showed the hunter preferential treatment. In this version, Zeus raised them both to the sky so that Orion hunts every winter but disappears when the scorpion comes in the summer. In both version, Artemis requests that Zeus adopt and raise Orion.

A third version of this myth leaves out Orion entirely. Instead, the scorpion ran into Greek god Phaethon while he was cruising around in his father Helios’s sun-chariot. This version lacks the drama of the others and is the lesser known tale behind Scorpius.

Scorpio Sun, Moon, Or Rising: Why It Matters

Our celestial sign is based on our date of birth. This is known as a sun sign. Scorpios were born between October 23rd and November 21st. The sun sign is representative of our core identity. When we elect to read a daily horoscope, most of us choose to read one that corresponds to our sun sign since it’s the easiest to identify using our date of birth.

Sun signs can provide insight into our identity, action, desires, and goals.

Moon signs represent our internal identity, response to life situations, instincts, needs, emotions, and behavioral tendencies.

Rising signs represent how others see us–or how our inner world is translated to the outer one.

A Scorpio Moon sign is best known for intense emotions and a strong need for privacy. Those with a Scorpio Moon may have a high libido and a volatile temperament. Scorpio Moon signs connect deeply with others but need firm boundaries to protect their privacy. They are seen as mysterious and secretive, and Scorpio Moons may have to guard against using that persona to deceive others. Although they may seem to possess a short fuse, Scorpio Moon signs are capable of deep, lasting, and loyal commitment.

A Scorpio Rising sign may be mysterious and emotionally intense. They do not often allow others into their inner circle. Great at sussing out other people’s secrets, Scorpio Rising signs usually keep their own counsel. This hard-working Rising sign is often powerful and successful because of an innate drive and determination.

It’s important to understand how celestial transits can impact our perception and behavior. Astrology cannot predict the future, but it can be used as a way of gaining deeper insights for personal growth. This is the deeper purpose of astrology. We can explore who we are by learning more about our sun, rising, and moon signs. It can help us identify our strengths as well as pinpoint areas that may challenge us. Daily horoscopes won’t tell us what to do or who we are, but it can help act as a guide to show us the many possibilities that accompany our choices.

A natal chart can help us identify our sun, moon, and rising signs. We need the date of birth, exact time of birth, and the location to identify the precise celestial transits at the moment we entered the world. The natal chart encompasses all 12 astrological houses that represent each area of our lives. Natal charts can help us understand how our birth impacts our perceptions.

Consider the natal chart a map of the stars when we were born. It can give us a general overview of potential possibilities and challenges in our lifetime. We might be a Scorpio sun sign, Scorpio Moon sign, or Scorpio Rising sign — or any combination of these. Some people may find all three of their signs sit in Scorpio. A natal chart is like having a key to unlock valuable insights into ourselves and the world around us.

About Scorpio

Scorpios intensity may seem like a fire sign, and yet, it is a fixed water sign. While intense, Scorpios tend to have great depth and emotional intelligence. Although they can be calculating, they are also incredibly intuitive. Scorpios don’t give trust easily or allow many people to know them well, and yet they are one of the most loyal and committed of the 12 Zodiac signs. They also work hard and don’t mind waiting to get exactly what they want.

Scorpios also have a reputation for a strong and active libido. While physical intimacy may rank high on their to-do list, they also value emotional and even spiritual closeness with others. They don’t enjoy shallow relationships, and they are most content when physical connection with someone else also aligns with a strong emotional connection.

Scorpios may struggle to balance the polarity that comes with intensity. High-vibing Scorpios can make a powerful impact for good in the world. Low-vibing Scorpios can become power-hungry and engage in self-sabotage. It’s no surprise when we consider that Scorpio is ruled by transformative and equally destructive Pluto. Scorpios may have a need to constantly improve, but they can also be their number one worst enemy if they don’t take care.

Scorpios can get a bad reputation for a hot temper, but their loved ones can tell you that they are some of the most loyal and empathetic people you’ll meet. As long as they are dealt with honestly, Scorpios make wonderful friends and lovers. Betray them at your own peril.
Because Scorpios are intense, ambitious, and determined, there are many well-known ones in the world. Famous Scorpios include artist Pablo Picasso, French queen Marie Antoinette, actor Julia Roberts, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, President Joe Biden, Friends’ actor David Schwimmer, media personality Caitlyn Jenner, Prince Charles of Wales, notorious murderer Charles Manson, musician Travis Barker, rapper Drake, chef Gordon Ramsay, late President Theodore Roosevelt, actor Stanley Tucci, singer Katy Perry, actor and Princess Grace Kelly, singer Lorde, actor Ryan Gosling, physicist Marie Curie, beloved American painter Bob Ross, actor Lisa Bonet, figure skater Tanya Harding, and many more. The long list is unsurprising given Scorpio’s intense drive to succeed.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpios tend to be most compatible with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn. They are least compatible with Leo and Aquarius. With any relationship, Scorpios may find that they have more ease in a relationship with compatible matches while they may struggle more with both Leo and Aquarius traits. Compatibility won’t guarantee relationship success, but it can help us understand relationship tendencies and dynamics to help identify potential strengths and challenges within relationships.

Scorpio + Cancer: Along with Pisces, a Cancer-Scorpio combination is one for the books. Both signs have great empathy, depth, loyalty, and intensity. Love between Scorpio and Cancer will be felt deeply on both sides. Both enjoy romance and share intense emotions. This is the couple most likely to finish each other’s thoughts and sentences. Trust will be strong with these two as long as they don’t allow their vindictive impulses to get the better of them in disagreements. A potential downside of this pairing is that Cancer’s need to cling and Scorpio’s need for space can trip up this otherwise blissful relationship. If these two can find a way to allow for both together time and space, the epic love potential could be out of this world!

Scorpio + Pisces: This couple could be voted most likely to make every other couple pea-green with envy! The connection runs strong between Scorpio and Pisces. These two simply get each other. Scorpio’s strength pairs perfectly with Pisces’ vulnerability. Both of this pair value loyalty, privacy, and a deep emotional connection. This couple may give us all goals just as long as they nurture the connection even during times of conflict. Pisces can give up on the relationship if they feel unhappy, and Scorpio will need to take care to stick with protective instincts instead of confrontational ones within this relationship to avoid that ending. If they handle conflict well, these two could define Happily Ever After for the rest of us.

Scorpio + Virgo: The mutual appreciation society meets here! Scorpio and Virgo are great compliments to one another. Scorpio’s strong, confident personality will contrast nicely with Virgo’s reserve. This opposites-attract pairing will balance Scorpio’s need for control with Virgo’s desire for order. Both Scorpio and Virgo value privacy and time to themselves. This couple will bring out the best in each other as long as they continue to pour respect and admiration into the relationship and allow room for differences.

Scorpio + Capricorn: High five for a strong and well-matched pairing! Scorpio and Capricorn share many of the same values and will have a strong respect for each other. Both can be reserved, and Scorpio will appreciate Capricorn’s grounded nature. Capricorn will find Scorpio’s passionate nature equally inspiring. Scorpio can even connect at a deep, romantic level with Capricorn, bringing out their softer side. If this pair can carefully navigate their mutual stubbornness, these two will likely be loving and loyal for life!

What Being a Scorpio Really Means

For any astrological sign (sun, rising, or moon), it’s important to note that the qualities that can be challenges are also potential strengths. The reverse also holds true. Understanding our tendencies can provide valuable information about opportunities for growth and can help us accept who we are without placing a value judgment on it. Simply put, understanding how we tend to react can help us have a more nuanced sense of what makes us who we are–and can help us shape who we want to be.

Our star signs don’t determine how we behave. Instead, they shed light on the possibilities. Our choices aren’t written in the stars. What we do with what we learn about ourselves is entirely up to us.

For instance, Scorpio’s drive and passion can help them to be powerful and successful individuals–but it can also translate to becoming power-hungry and possessive. Their deep reserve may make them hard to know, but it also means that they can be trusted with our deepest secrets with no fear they’ll spill the beans. Scorpio’s deep sense of loyalty can make them a valued friend or lover but can also mean that even the smallest betrayal can ruin a relationship. Like a coin, every trait has two sides and all depends on how we choose to use them.

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