Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer Sign
Cancer Sign

The Crab

Quality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruled by The Moon
Key Phrase: “I Feel”

The Cancer Sign

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and it is ruled by the Moon. This water sign can be best understood by reflecting on the Moon’s mythology for a moment. From the beautiful goddess ruling over the phases and shifts in our emotions to the mother of all things, we find that Cancers are the embodiment of it all. Deep, emotional, maternal: with moods that seem to change with the tides. Cancers tend to take care of those they love. They can even be a little smothering if they aren’t careful to give loved ones their space.

Cancers tend to be self-starters and aren’t usually afraid to assert themselves when needed. In fact, they have to be careful to not allow aggression to take over. Cancer’s water nature can go from a warm pond to a tsunami at a moment’s notice. Then, just like a crab, may retreat into their shells if hurt. However, they are a deeply loving and emphatic sign whose loyalty is unwavering. Sensitive and yet charismatic, they often have a great sense of humor and possess wisdom beyond their years from a young age.

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