10 Things That Make Aquarians Amazing Friends

3 Things That Make Aquarians Amazing Friends
3 Things That Make Aquarians Amazing Friends

Aquarians are true lovers of people, with the intellect and emotional strength to navigate a number of life’s sticky situations. These independent air signs march to the beat of their own drum and offer loving and understanding energy to everyone they meet. Simultaneously open-minded to others, while fixed in their own ways, energetic Aquarians make great friends for these reasons and more.

Aquarians Are Kind

Aquarians think deeply about those around them in both big and small ways. They care deeply for their friends, as well as for society as a whole. If you call on an Aquarian friend when you are in a bind, they will help you instantly. The kind and fair-mindedness of an Aquarius does not stop there. These liberal and empathetic souls can often be found involved in activism, trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

Aquarians see the world as it is, but this star sign also sees the potential for what it could be. Of the 12 Zodiac signs, they are one of the most likely to embody their values to make the world a better place. They believe in the power of random acts of kindness, and they are conscious of how their actions impact the world around them. This is one of the reasons they make wonderful friends. They’ll be honest with you, but they’ll do it from a place of kindness. They may even help you see the world with kinder eyes.

Aquarians Value Friendship

While often friendly to everyone, Aquarians make friends with those they care for, and it’s good for a lifetime. They are loyal friends who value these relationships highly. While some signs put family or romantic entanglements first, nothing is more important to Aquarians than their chosen family of highly valued friends. Many born under this sign tend to be leary of romantic entanglements entirely, instead preferring to put energy into their independence and friendships.

Aquarians understand the value of social support, and they love to surround themselves with the people they value the most. While not everyone is allowed into their inner circle, Aquarians don’t believe you can have too many friends, and there’s no limit to the number of friends they’ll allow close to them. These forever friends bond quickly and firmly and won’t disappear when life gets tough.

Aquarians Aren’t Afraid To Get Weird

How boring would the world be if we all thought, felt, and lived in the same way? Doing this is impossible for the independent and outside-of-the-box Aquarian, who’s always learning and looking for new experiences. Aquarians unapologetically step off of the beaten path, and inspire those around them to be true to themselves.

This delightful star sign has no problem getting weird. They don’t really care what other people think, especially outside of their inner circle. They embrace the wild, the wacky, and the many wonders of the world around them. If other horoscope signs don’t like it, Aquarians don’t really care. They are too busy living their best lives with little regard for convention.

Aquarians Are Eternal Optimists

Aquarians are known to see the glass as half full. They are the eternal optimists who are quick to remind you of the good things in life. While they don’t ignore life’s challenges, they aren’t quick to be defeated by them. They’ll look instead for the silver linings and find a way to take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity.

This is a valuable quality to have in a friend. If you’re feeling down, this celestial sign can help you see the light. They won’t blast you with a ray of toxic positivity, but they may offer valuable perspectives to help you get out of the funk you’re in and get back to living your fullest, happiest life.

Aquarians Are Quite Clever

This star sign is always wearing smarty pants. They may geek out over facts or show off their inner nerd. This is great if you want them to join your trivia team, but it’s also pretty amusing to hear them spout off the most random facts. They know a little bit about everything, and you’ll never be bored in their company.

Another benefit of a friendship with this clever celestial sign is that they’re always thinking of solutions – to their problems, to your problems, and even to the world’s problems. They are innovative and can pick apart a problem to come at it in a way no one else would. It’s pretty great when you find yourself in a sticky situation. They may be able to see the solution that you’ve been missing.

Aquarians Are Unfailingly Honest

If you want to hear what you want to hear, don’t ask Aquarius. Seriously. Don’t do it. This clever star sign believes in telling the truth. If you’re looking for assurance that an unflattering outfit does, in fact, look good on you, Aquarius is not the friend you call. They’ll be quick to point out that it’s not your color or does you no favors. They aren’t trying to hurt your feelings. Rather, they would rather tell you a tough truth than lie to you and see you get burned because of it.

Everyone needs a friend who is willing to hurt your feelings if it means telling you the thing you badly need to hear. This astrological sign isn’t insensitive to your feelings. They just think you deserve the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They’ll tell you if you have food on your face, toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoes, or if your haircut would look best beneath a hat. While you might not appreciate it when it hurts your feelings, you’ll definitely be glad of it when it saves you some grief later on.

Aquarius Loves Art and Culture

If your ideal friend date involves attending a concert or checking out the latest art exhibit, you’ll love hanging out with Aquarius. This creative Zodiac sign really loves art and culture and thrives in environments where it’s okay to be progressive, quirky, and even downright weird. Aquarians will likely seek out unusual places and events, and you’re unlikely to be bored in their company. You might find yourself dining in the dark, attending a live exhibition, or even hearing a new band that no one else knows about but soon will.

This star sign adores innovation, art, culture, and beauty. If it has a social message in it, it’s even better. They love socially-conscious art and music. This celestial sign is the type that will listen to the music and the lyrics and only loves the song if the message speaks to their value system. If you want to geek out at an indie film night or go to an open mic poetry reading, grab Aquarius. They’ll be the Zodiac sign who will be up for any cultural adventure.

Aquarius Believes the Personal Is Political

Aquarians are deeply open-minded so they can be friends with anyone – even if your political backgrounds don’t quite mesh. They love a good debate but be prepared for them to bring in substantiated facts, figures, and peer-reviewed journals to back up their opinions. Of course, this won’t endear them to every Zodiac sign, but it can be a valuable trait to have in a friend.

To keep it simple, Aquarius walks their talk. If they say they are passionate about climate change, you’ll notice that they do their part to protect the environment. They’ll eliminate waste, recycle, and keep their households as sustainable as possible. Whatever cause they support, they’ll live it fully. You won’t find any hypocrisy here. Aquarians believe they should live by their values and understand that the personal is political. You might not be able to win an argument with them, but they’ll be your friend even if you don’t agree – provided your belief system doesn’t disrespect their own.

Aquarius Loves Stimulating Conversations

If there’s one thing Aquarius hates, it’s small talk. They despise having to talk about the weather or exchanging what some star signs might refer to as pleasantries. The Water Bearer would much prefer to go on a deep dive into the subjects that move you. They want intellectually stimulating conversations that don’t just skim the surface.

Some star signs might think they’re rude and aloof, but they just don’t care for endless small talk. If you want to chat them up, start a conversation about your passions. They’ll be far more interested in exploring that with you than talking about the latest piece of gossip. They want to get to the meat of any issue, and they’ll lose interest fast if you don’t offer any opinions. This star sign is especially in tune with authenticity and can sense when you’re not being real with them. They aren’t trying to make you uncomfortable, but they do want to know the real you. You can trust that they’d rather know your real, messy self than the mask you wear to fit in.

Aquarius Won’t Judge You

If you have something weird to confess, grab an Aquarius. They won’t judge you. This open-minded astrological sign will likely find you fascinating instead – assuming your confession doesn’t violate their keen sense of right and wrong. They won’t help you hide a body, but they might want to hear all about how you got yourself in such a precarious legal and ethical entanglement. Does that seem cold and clinical? Aquarians can come across that way, but that’s only because they have a big-picture view of the world around them. It can make it hard for them to focus on the little things like social niceties in the face of an interesting subject.

The good news is that if you are their friend, they have your back. They aren’t going to judge you when you’re not perfect. Sure, they’ll tell you the truth even if you don’t like it. They won’t judge you for making the choices that best suit your vision for your life. To be entirely honest, they might shoot you a little side-eye if your decisions are best for other people and not yourself because they believe you should be true to yourself first. But they don’t judge you for making a decision they wouldn’t make. They know that it’s your life, and they have great respect for individual freedom.

Aquarians are intelligent, kind, creative, and passionate about everything. This star sign is a truly loyal friend with a big heart and a curious mind. They can sometimes get so caught up in their causes that they neglect your friendship, but a gentle reminder can help them come back down from saving the Earth to preserve the relationship. They don’t mean to space out in their crusade to make the world a better place. If you remember that, you likely won’t mind quite as much when they check out to save the day.

The truth is that Sun Sign Aquarians will remember to show up for you when you need them. They don’t believe blood is thicker than water. They firmly believe in the strong, unfailing bonds of friendship. They’ll make you one of their causes and champion your happiness with the fierceness they use to fight climate change or whatever other cause is near and dear to their heart. You can count on them, and if they love you, you will absolutely know it because they won’t just say it; they’ll show it, too.

If you don’t yet have an Aquarian friend in your life, here are just a few of the reasons you need one. Of the 12 Zodiac signs, Aquarians make some of the best and most loyal friends and partners. If you have one in your life, you should count your blessings and then invite your friend to a cultural outing or suggest a deep dive into a topic you both love. They’ll appreciate the attention, and you’ll enjoy the delight that is this weirdly wonderful Water Bearer.

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