The Astrology and Mythology of the Moon

The Astrology and Mythology of the Moon
The Astrology and Mythology of the Moon

The Moon: you see her most every night. She waxes and wanes, changing from a sliver in the dark to a glowing orb each month. Her gravity pulls the tides and she’s been named in countless songs and poems. The Moon is also an important Luminary in Astrology, known to correspond to motherhood, women, lovers, and emotions since before recorded history began.

The Moon’s Symbology

The Romans and Greeks built the symbols we know today from the gods and goddesses they worshipped. The myths of Selene, Luna, Diana and others were the moon personified. These women entities were associated with childbirth, communicating with animals, and hunting. During different phases of the Moon they were worshiped as mothers, lovers, wives, or powerful guardians.

In ancient times, the cycles of the fast-moving Moon were used to predict daily events such as fertility or moods. In contemporary astrology, the way we use the Moon has not changed a lot. Not only is it still used for daily predictions in Sun Sign horoscopes as it makes its real-time transits through the signs every few days, but in an individual’s natal chart it is seen as the center of their emotional self.

Understanding the Moon in Astrology

The placement of the Moon in a sign and house at the moment you were born says something about your feelings, how you process emotions, your first emotional reaction to events in your life, and your relationship with your mother or nurturing parent. As a result, the Moon is given a rather heavy consideration when an astrologer is interpreting your chart.

The way we process things on an emotional level makes up just as much of who we are as the drives and ego we have, as represented by the Sun Sign. Therefore, knowing your Moon Sign can often fill in some of the blanks when you don’t feel that your Sun Sign really represents who you are inside.

Interpreting the Moon

Let’s say for just a moment that you’ve known all your life that your Sun Sign is Virgo. Yet, Virgos seem more even tempered and less likely to have emotional outbursts than you are. Perhaps you do love the details, you are very hard on yourself and are into self-improvement, but you do have a few edges about you. Perhaps you couldn’t begin to consider yourself as conservative as a real Virgo must be or you like loud prints and funky clothes.

Well, this could be easily explained by having a Moon in Aquarius. You may very well have the drive of a Virgo, as we’re not always completely conscious of our inner drives or ego until we spend a lot of time in self reflection and honest moral inventories of ourselves. Yet, an Aquarius Moon would be rather reactionary. A combination like this would have a temper that flashed quickly and cooled down just as fast. Emotionally, while Virgo Sun with Aquarius Moon wouldn’t be very mushy or wear their heart on their sleeve, together they would very much enjoy the unique things in life. If you had Moon in Aquarius, you would never want to be tied down to the ordinary in love and would need freedom both inside and outside of a relationship, very unlike the more down to earth Virgo.

So many other combinations with the other signs exist, and the relationship between your Sun and Moon will be further detailed by things like Aspects and House placements as well.

You are as unique as your fingerprint.

So, the Moon represents a very important part of ourselves. Being aware of your Moon is a very big step. Like all Luminary and Planetary placements in astrology, free will and growing to your potential are very important. Knowing your Moon means understanding more about how you tick and why you feel the way that you do. Understanding that can allow you to choose to develop your strengths while being aware of the lower characteristics that you display that can be hurtful yourself or others. This knowledge is a tool to help you become the master of your own future and be more able to take personal responsibility for your actions.

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