Is Astrology Real?

Is Astrology Real?
Is Astrology Real?

Astrologers are used to being asked questions about love, fiances, career, and family. They often also act as spiritual advisers and purveyors of advice. Yet, some common inquires heard by astrologers are those about what they do and what they know about the basis of their craft. One of the most frequent questions regularly posed to astrologers is often, “Is astrology real?”

Astrology has endured for thousands years for a reason

The truth is that when skeptics repeatedly list all the times that science has reported to have debunked astrology, they aren’t wrong. However, the fact that science thus so far as been unable to prove astrology to be accurate doesn’t mean they have been able to disprove it, either. Astrology has endured for thousands years for a reason, and that reason is far more complex than even the most staunch skeptics can explain.

Astrology and Skepticism

When astrology is tested, science is almost always testing an astrologer’s skill at interpretation or prediction of an event as opposed to astrology itself. We humans are terribly fallible, and there is vast little most of us do that can stand up to controlled studies. Furthermore, most doubters creating studies bring their own biases into the creation of a test, which is usually based in either prediction accuracy or matching personality profiles to a natal chart. Astrology is only as accurate as the astrologer, just as a new novel is only as good author telling the story.

Additionally, skeptics wish to disprove astrology by asserting that if there is a force from planets, stars or other celestial bodies that creates an effect on us here on Earth that it should be able to be measured. They maintain that forces such as gravity wouldn’t behave that way. These statements make logical sense, but only if you believe that the planets somehow have an actual direct effect on our personalities, decisions, or this weekend’s lottery numbers.

When Astrology and Science Collide

The fact is that most astrologers do not believe that astrology is due to any force of control or mystical magic being emitted by the planets onto out bodies and into our minds. Many practitioners of the craft fully embrace that we are spiritual beings with a soul with free will and that astrology is about us being subconsciously connected to something greater than ourselves. There is vast difference in seeing evidence through experience that there is a universal synchronicity between the movements of the planets and our daily lives versus believing Jupiter makes us do certain things at a certain time.

Albert Einstein calculated and predicted in 1915 that gravitational waves from the aftermath of colliding black holes existed in space. He was proven correct by modern science in 2015, when those waves were finally detected. Until then, Einstein’s theory on gravitational waves had been debated by scientists for 100 years. Science is only now reaching a point where the big questions about our universe may be answered in a way that humans can measure and understand. Again, humans are flawed, and often we can only discover what we can first imagine.

Over the last 20 years, the best and the brightest analysts and researchers have made amazing breakthroughs in understanding subatomic particle physics. Things that were previously dismissed as fantasy – such as certain subatomic particles only existing when they are being observed – have become proven fact. We also now know that particles seem to be able to communicate or react to one another instantly, even from light years away.

Could researchers – through these discoveries – have given us a clue as to how the building blocks of our bodies and minds coincide with the movements celestial bodies? Or is this recent progress in understanding the tiniest parts of our universe just the beginning of wider, even more incredible developments to come?

Yes, Astrology is Real

Any lack of astrological confirmation doesn’t mean that proof doesn’t exist outside our understanding. What we do know is that astrology has endured the test of time. It has been successfully used by kings, presidents, and savvy business people in recent times, as it helps them understand and observe cycles for the timing of their decisions. It is used by psychologists to better connect with and understand their patients. In fact, the marriage of astrology and psychology was initiated by C.J. Jung, who was a massive influence in how and why we understand the development of the personality today. It is also used by people just like you, who just want some insight for the day. Intelligent and inquisitive people who know that there is a greater connection between everything in the universe embrace astrology simply because it makes absolute sense as a tool to inspire and navigate a better, more mindful life.

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