Zodiac Signs as Hilarious American Idol Auditions

Talent shows have been around for a long time. Star Search was all the rage once upon a time a long time ago. For a while there, American Idol took center stage and, with it, the hilarious, awkward, and ear-splittingly painful spectacle of – you guessed it – Idol auditions. While every once in a while, a soon-to-be-star came along to dazzle us all, most of the auditions could be best described as memorable. Not necessarily in a good way.

If the names Simon, Paula, and Randy are already familiar to you, you might remember these entertaining auditions. If you’re new to American Idol with all its artistry, angst, and awkwardness, dive into this video we found for you online and find out which American Idol audition best suits your Zodiac sign. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled at some of these outlandish performances. You might even see your star sign in one of the judges or the show’s host. Go ahead and watch. Just prepare yourself for the sometimes-cringeworthy spectacle of the auditioning process.

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