Scorpio Horoscope

Jul 13, 2020… Scorpios will likely be attracting difficult people all day today. You simply may not have the patience for anyone who makes your life difficult. Family, co-workers, or peers can be challenging and you need a strategy to deal with them better in those moments. Try more curiosity. Listen to their words and don’t hesitate to ask them why they are acting a particular way. You may learn a little more about what motivates them and likely watch your stress level plummet, too.

Today’s Soul Advice: We work to support ourselves, but sometimes we work so much that we feel too tired to enjoy our lives. Rest when you need, but do remember to live your life. Have fun, follow your passions, and be a little spontaneous from time to time. When you find work that reflects your mission and passions for life, you might just find that it brings you more success and more time for yourself, too.