Scorpio Horoscope

Apr 25, 2024… Finding a way to express yourself can be one of your biggest challenges today. If you’re at loss for words, you’re in good company of other Scorpios today. Take heart, you’ll likely get through any of the day’s obstacles in style. The things that make you unique haven’t changed. Bringing the best of you to the surface can help you connect in a meaningful way, no matter where the day takes you.

Today’s Soul Advice: Failure is not permanent. It is merely a stop (or several stops) and a chance to learn a little more along the journey to your intentions. You might camp out there for a bit, but don’t build a house. Onward and upward!


How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed

How to Be Happy When You’re Depressed

Do not mistake depression with feelings of sadness. They are vastly different. Depression is...