Libra Horoscope

Jan 24, 2022… Dear Libras, your unique nature may attract a lot of friends, associates and loved ones who come to you for advice today. Please be aware that helping everyone else can be tiring and leave you too little time to recharge your own batteries before the rush of the week begins again. To be there for other people, make sure you’re taking enough time for yourself today. Taking care of yourself first will leave you with the energy you need to take on the world.

Today’s Soul Advice: What people say in anger may seem like truth, but we must remember that the enraged are merely spouting out something that can rouse a reaction of pain, rather than how they truly feel. See their words as the poison daggers that they are — and do not be stabbed by them. Your health and happiness will appreciate it, and forgiveness to ease your heart will come far more easily.


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