Capricorn Horoscope

Feb 3, 2023… You can feel a little extra spring in your steps today. As amazing as each Cap is on any given day, you may feel an extra high vibe coursing through you this Friday. Will it be the springboard for an exciting weekend or launch you into your next project? If you’re walking on sunshine, spreading it around can make you feel even more fantastic, too. Share the joy! Who knows what sort of wonderful adventures it can bring?

Today’s Soul Advice: Delicate does not mean weak. Kind does not mean naïve. Generous does not mean pushover. You are allowed to be a pure, wholesome person. Don’t worry bout the negativity cast out by those who are jealous or filled with darkness. They just want to bring you down with them. Be the example they can aspire to. Being good in this world makes it a better place, period.


The Art of Slowing Down

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