Pisces Horoscope

Feb 3, 2023… Financial decisions could get a little more frustrating than usual for you today. You may find it difficult to think about money matters with clarity. This may lead you to feel uncomfortable, especially if the results could have a big impact on your future. The good news is that any indecision is going to force you to take your time. You might even decide to put things off for a day or so. You will make better, more thoughtful judgments when you take it slow.

Today’s Soul Advice: Delicate does not mean weak. Kind does not mean naïve. Generous does not mean pushover. You are allowed to be a pure, wholesome person. Don’t worry bout the negativity cast out by those who are jealous or filled with darkness. They just want to bring you down with them. Be the example they can aspire to. Being good in this world makes it a better place, period.


The Art of Slowing Down

You might wish there was a remote control for life where you could just...