Taurus Horoscope

May 28, 2023… Taureans may not get everything they want today, but they still can get what they need. If you’ve been wrestling with a personal problem and seek someone to talk to, you could find yourself listening to their problems instead. At first, this can seem discouraging. Still — listening to your own advice to a friend can make you realize that you knew the answers you needed all along.

Today’s Soul Advice: Humans often admire strength in the form of physical prowess, but we have a much greater strength within ourselves. The strength of our spirit is what pushes us to surpass our limits and become greater than our minds let us believe we can be. Those who have become powerful influences in the world have utilized such inner strength. We all have strong spirits like those of leaders, teachers and heroes — we simply need to stop being anxious about failure or ridicule and allow it to shine.


Using the Solstices for Your Manifestation Practice

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