Gemini Horoscope

Jan 20, 2019… You could be hit with the boredom bug for your Sunday. Today’s vibe will make the usual seem boring and same old, same old, but it’s just another signal that it could be time to try something new. Can you grab a friend and do something you haven’t done in a while? Your Gemini spirit can be lifted by spontaneous plans or specific intentions, as long as it’s not what you always do. Life can fill you to the brim today if you choose the road less traveled.

Today’s Soul Advice: We humans are fascinated by immortality. While we won’t necessarily achieve immortality like the T. nutricula jellyfish, waffling from adulthood to infancy, humans can achieve some types of immortality. We live on through the people we touch when we are alive, the stories we tell, and create a legacy for all time.

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