Pisces Horoscope

Feb 4, 2023… You could be ready to commit to new health goals today. Perhaps your diet and fitness routine has dwindled to arm curling potato chips from the couch. If you recognize ways that you can improve your wellness, act on them. If you have a known medical problem, you may need to tighten up on your preventative efforts or your treatment plan. If you make one or two small changes, you’ll find it easier to maintain your new healthy vibe long term.

Today’s Soul Advice: Delicate does not mean weak. Kind does not mean naïve. Generous does not mean pushover. You are allowed to be a pure, wholesome person. Don’t worry bout the negativity cast out by those who are jealous or filled with darkness. They just want to bring you down with them. Be the example they can aspire to. Being good in this world makes it a better place, period.


The Art of Slowing Down

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