Sagittarius Horoscope

Nov 28, 2021… Sagittarians could feel a surge of confidence today. You can find some energy that you didn’t know was in you! It can be multiplied further if you share it with a friend. You’ll get the vibes going on to make everything look easy. Whether it’s a big project or playing on a team, your confidence could put you in the spotlight and add to the fun for everyone. What a way to wrap your weekend up right!

Today’s Soul Advice: Love songs and music about heartbreak have always been chart toppers. It makes sense, because love is an incredibly strong human condition that connects us all. Similarly, broken hearts have ached in every human’s chest, and this pain produces a sense of camaraderie amongst us. Thankfully, there will always be music, rhythm, words or pictures to help soothe your soul and share in this great choir we call humanity.


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