Sagittarius Horoscope

Jan 22, 2020… Many Sagittarians could suffer from the mid-week blues today. If you are emotionally drained, take some alone time to ground yourself today. Step away from your day by taking a quiet lunch or dinner break, just to have a little peace. Can’t squeeze it in or escape the world? Try some much-needed alone time just for you before bed, or get some personal time on your schedule for yourself as soon as possible. Taking even a few moments to recharge can change your whole outlook.

Today’s Soul Advice: Healing takes time. As wonderful as it would be to press a button and suddenly be healed, the journey of rejuvenation is not so easy. Be patient with yourself during times of healing, friend. No one gets over great loss or pain without the passage of time to aid them. Allow time to soothe the ache.