Cancer Horoscope

Nov 14, 2018… Cancers could experience a low in their emotions today. When you get stuck in an emotional rut, try focusing your attention outward. Cheer up your personal space — open the blinds, remove clutter, place some plants nearby or light a scented candle. What brings YOU cheer? Perhaps read a funny or uplifting article — give yourself a shot of positivity in any form. Being able to use your creative talents to improve your surroundings will help you turn this temporary funk into fantastic.

Today’s Soul Advice: You cannot pluck a rose from the earth and expect its thorns not to draw blood. The rose will protect itself. Just because a rose hurt you with its thorn doesn’t mean you should fear every flower. Not every flower has thorns. Remember, too, that the rose thought it was simply defending itself. Perception matters… and you can make the most of it.

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