Libra Horoscope

Jul 18, 2018… You may have to make a decision today that requires more than just brain power. By listening to your soul for solutions, you may find that you already know what the answer could be. Libras can sometimes spend so much time in their heads that they can forget how important listening to feelings can be, too. In making any significant decision today, you may want to consider that sometimes truth can come from a deeper place inside of you.

Today's Soul Advice: Life is a series of tests. We have the option to choose kindness in most of them. Don’t overlook what might appear to be the most insubstantial of tiny decisions. Sometimes the smaller gestures are the most empowering. See the opportunity for good in your interactions, even in the conflicts. Each choice is a step in a process, and that process is what shapes who you are and who you’ll become.

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